Student Profile
Sahar Soleimanifard, Siebel Scholar

Sahar Soleimandifard
Sahar Soleimanifard , 2014 Siebel Scholar
Isfahan, Iran

Sahar Soleimanifard’s research focuses on the design, development, and programming of noninvasive three-dimensional MRI techniques that can do more than merely depict the basic anatomy of blood vessels. Her techniques are also aimed at detecting the impact of stress and other factors on changes in coronary anatomy and on blood flow within the vessels. One goal is to detect early signs that coronary artery disease is present and will worsen. With this noninvasive technique, doctors can begin treatment before the condition becomes life threatening. To accomplish this complex work, Soleimanifard has been mentored by prominent Johns Hopkins engineering and medical faculty members. At the Whiting School, her doctoral advisor is Jerry L. Prince, a professor of electrical and computer engineering. From the School of Medicine, she has been advised by Robert G. Weiss, a professor of cardiology, and Matthias Stuber, a professor of radiology.

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