Five Engineering Students Named Siebel Scholars

August 11, 2012


Five Johns Hopkins graduate students who are applying the latest advances in biology and technology to the prevention and treatment of health problems such as cancer, cardiac disorders and sexually transmitted diseases have been named to the 2013 class of Siebel Scholars. The merit-based program provides $35,000 to each student for use in his or her final year of graduate studies.

The Johns Hopkins recipients, who expect to receive their doctoral degrees in May, were among 85 students selected this year from prominent graduate schools in the United States and China, including Harvard, Princeton, MIT and Stanford.

“This is a terrific honor for the school and for our outstanding graduate students,” said Nick Jones, the Benjamin T. Rome Dean of the Whiting School. “The Siebel Scholars program expands our students’ opportunities for entrepreneurship and collaboration and provides them with entry into a community of exceptionally talented future leaders.”


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