In Multidisciplinary Design courses, teams of students with disparate academic backgrounds will come together to tackle exciting design challenges. While practicing a user-centered design thinking process, teams will understand the essential need behind a problem, prototype solutions, test their prototypes, and present a final solution. Students will also learn to collaborate among different working styles, and they will introduce their peers to new skill sets from their engineering discipline.


EN.660.347 Action Lab, 3 credits, Fall 2022

Students learn how to take action through prototyping to move their ideas forward, by understanding theory and practicing new skills. Within creative design projects, teams will prototype using media ranging from cardboard to circuit boards to code… and maybe even TikTokTM. No prior experience required, though intro to programming will be helpful.


EN.660.345 Multidisciplinary Engineering Design 1, 3 credits, Fall 2022

In this course, 2nd through 4th year engineering students work on diverse teams, each with its own project partner from industry, medicine, research, or the social sector. By the end of the semester, teams present their partner with research, insights into their target user, innovative solutions, and a prototype that shows promise towards their final solution.


EN.660.346 Multidisciplinary Engineering Design 2, 3 credits, Spring 2023

Students who wish to pursue their Multidisciplinary Engineering Design project further or join an existing team may do so in this advanced course. While using project management and product development tools, teams develop and test their prototypes with the intent of handing off an implementable solution to their project partner by the end of the semester. 


EN.500.307 Foundations of Multidisciplinary Design, 3 credits

This course is not currently being held.

In the Foundations class, students across all academic years will collaborate on design challenges in multidisciplinary teams. The project topics may come from the course instructors, a JHU project partner, or an external project partner.


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