Anthony Shoji Hall

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Materials for Energy

Dr. Anthony Shoji Hall joined the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University as an assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on July 1, 2016. Hall received his BS in chemistry from UCLA in 2010 and his PhD in chemistry from Penn State in 2014. Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at MIT in the Department of Chemistry.


Dr. Hall’s research group investigates chemical reactions catalyzed by solid surfaces to address problems in renewable energy storage and utilization. His strategy towards the design of high performance catalysts begins by understanding the surface chemistry of materials through the utilization of thermochemical methods, electro-kinetics, and in-situ/ex-situ spectroscopy. Other important aspects of his research efforts are to design new materials with interesting properties by mesostructuring and controlling material composition, and to understand charge separation processes at metal/semiconductor interfaces for surface plasmon enhanced photoelectrochemical devices.

  • Ph.D. 2014, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Bachelor of Science 2010, University of California - Los Angeles
  • 2014 - 2016:  Chemistry Postdoc, Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • 2018:  Scialog Fellow, Research Corporation
  • 2016:  Gordon Research Conference Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship
  • 2013:  SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship
  • 2010:  Roberts Fellowship
  • 2010:  Bunton-Waller Scholarship
  • 2010:  Roberts Fellowship, PSU
  • 2010:  Bunton-Waller Scholarship, PSU
  • 2009:  Arthur Furst Award for Undergraduate Research
  • 2009:  Arthur Furst Award for Undergraduate Research, UCLA
Journal Articles
  • Hall A, Wang Y, Sun D, Chowdhury T, Wagner J.S, Kempa T.J (2019).  Rapid Room-temperature Synthesis of a Metastable Ordered Intermetallic Electrocatalyst.  J. Am. Chem. Soc.
  • Hall A, Claire F.J, Tenney S.M, Li M.M, Siegler M.A, Wagner J.S, Kempa T.J (2018).  Hierarchically Ordered 2-Dimensional Coordination Polymers Assembled from Redox-Active Dimolybdenum Clusters.  J. Am. Chem. Soc.  140.  10673–10676.
  • Yoon Y, Hall AS, Surendranath Y (2016).  Tuning of Silver Catalyst Mesostructure Promotes Selective Carbon Dioxide Conversion into Fuels.  Angewandte Chemie.  128.  15508--15512.
  • Hall AS, Yoon Y, Wuttig A, Surendranath Y (2015).  Mesostructure-Induced Selectivity in CO2 Reduction Catalysis.  Journal of the American Chemical Society.  137.  14834-14837.
  • Kondo A, Hall AS, Mallouk TE, Maeda K (2015).  A New Synthetic Route to Microporous Silica with Well-Defined Pores by Replication of a Metal–Organic Framework.  Chemistry – A European Journal.  WILEY-VCH Verlag.  21.  12148--12152.
  • Hall A, Lui L, Faryad M, Barber G.D, Erten S, Mallouk T.E, Lakhtakia A (2015).  Experimental Excitation of Multiple Surface-Plasmon-Polariton Waves and Waveguide Modes in a One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Atop a Two-Dimensional Metal Grating.  Journal of Nanophotonics.  9.  093593-093593.
  • Drew P. Pulsifer, Muhammad Faryad, Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Anthony S. Hall, Liu Liu (2014).  Experimental Excitation of the Dyakonov–Tamm Wave in the Grating-Coupled Configuration.  Opt. Lett..  OSA.  39.  2125--2128.
  • Hall A, Kondo A, Maeda K, Mallouk T.E (2014).  Microporous Titania Made by Replication of Metal Organic Framework (MOF) Templates.  J. Am. Chem. Soc.  135.  16276-16279.
  • Hall AS, Friesen SA, Mallouk TE (2013).  Wafer-Scale Fabrication of Plasmonic Crystals from Patterned Silicon Templates Prepared by Nanosphere Lithography.  Nano Letters.  13.  2623-2627.
  • Manuel Solano, Muhammad Faryad, Anthony S. Hall, Thomas E. Mallouk, Peter B. Monk, Akhlesh Lakhtakia (2013).  Optimization of the absorption efficiency of an amorphous-silicon thin-film tandem solar cell backed by a metallic surface-relief grating: erratum.  Applied Optics.  OSA.  52.  966-979.
  • Muhammad Faryad, Anthony Shoji Hall, Greg D. Barber, Thomas E. Mallouk, Akhlesh Lakhtakia (2012).  Excitation of multiple surface-plasmon-polariton waves guided by the periodically corrugated interface of a metal and a periodic multilayered isotropic dielectric material.  J. Opt. Soc. Am. B.  OSA.  29.  714-713.
  • Lee JW, Hall AS, Kim J, Mallouk TE (2012).  A Facile and Template-Free Hydrothermal Synthesis of Mn3O4 Nanorods on Graphene Sheets for Supercapacitor Electrodes with Long Cycle Stability.  Chemistry of Materials.  24.  1158-1164.
  • Dubin S, Gilje S, Wang K, Tung VC, Cha K, Hall AS, Farrar J, Varshneya R, Yang Y, Kaner RB (2010).  A One-Step, Solvothermal Reduction Method for Producing Reduced Graphene Oxide Dispersions in Organic Solvents.  ACS Nano.  4.  3845-3852.
Conference Proceedings
  • Liu Liu; Muhammad Faryad; A. Shoji Hall; Greg D. Barber; Sema Erten; Thomas E. Mallouk; Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Theresa S. Mayer  Excitation of multiple surface-plasmon-polariton waves and waveguide modes in a 1D photonic crystal atop a 2D metal grating.  919104-9191-7.
  • Anthony Shoji Hall; Muhammad Faryad; Greg D. Barber; Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Thomas E. Mallouk  Effect of grating period on the excitation of multiple surface-plasmon-polariton waves guided by the interface of a metal grating and a photonic crystal.  862003-8620-7.
  • "Electrochemically Driven Non-congruent Phase Transitions in Ordered Intermetallic Pd-Bi Electrocatalysts", Research Corporation Scialog 2018: Advanced Energy Storage.  November 1, 2018
  • "Room Temperature Electrodeposition of a Palladium Based Intermetallic Electrocatalyst", Materials Research Society Spring Meeting.  Boston Massachusetts, United States of America (the).  November 1, 2018
  • "Electrochemically Driven Non-congruent Phase Transitions in Ordered Intermetallic Pd-Bi Electrocatalysts", Materials Research Society Spring Meeting.  Boston.  November 1, 2018
  • "Enhancing the performance of electrocatalysts via atomic scale ordering", Electrochemistry Gordon Research Conference.  Ventura.  January 1, 2018
  • "Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction on Earth-abundant Rich Palladium Alloys", Electrochemistry Gordon Research Conference.  January 1, 2018
  • "Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction on Earth-abundant Rich Palladium Alloys", Chemistry of Materials: Materials for Energy and Catalytic Applications.  August 1, 2017
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  • "Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction on Earth-abundant Rich Palladium Alloys", Research Corporation: Scialog Advanced Energy Storage.  Tucson Arizona, United States of America (the).  November 2, 2016
  • "Mesostructure-Induced Selectivity in CO2 Reduction Catalysis", Electrochemistry Gordon Research Conference.  January 1, 2016
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  • "Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction at Ordered Nanoporous Metallic Thin Films", 250th ACS National Meeting.  August 1, 2015
  • "Excitation of Multiple Surface-Plasmon-Polariton Waves and Waveguide Modes in a 1D Photonic Crystal Atop a 2D Metal Grating", SPIE Optics + Photonics.  September 1, 2014
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  • "Layer by Layer Oxidation of Graphite Into Graphite Oxide", California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) and UCLA Science Poster Day.  August 1, 2009
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