Spring 2021 Seminar Series: Xiaoming He

March 17, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Xiaoming He

University of Maryland

Host:  Hai-Quan Mao


Over the past decades, tremendous advances have been made in discovering new therapeutic agents for medicine, from the traditional small molecules to peptides/proteins, genetic materials, and more recently cells and tissues. However, the challenge to safely and effectively deliver these agents from their procurement to the clinical use in human body is still enormous. The issues range from poor bioavailability, systemic toxicity, and low specificity for the acellular agents, to poor survival after long-term storage, non-physiological cultivation in vitro, and immune rejection in vivo for cell-based medicine. We have been working on addressing these issues facing today’s medicine using a bioinspired multiscale biomaterials engineering approach. In this talk, I will show our recent data on developing novel bioinspired multiscale biomaterials systems to engineer acellular therapeutics, normal and cancer stem cells, and immune cells for treating ischemic diseases, modulating immune reactions, and combating cancer.


Zoom Seminar Info:

Meeting ID: 982 0915 3548

Passcode:  621450

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