Spring 2021 Seminar Series: Christopher Murray

February 24, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Christopher Murray

University of Pennsylvania

Host:  Shoji Hall


The synthesis of monodisperse colloidal nanocrystals (NCs) with controlled composition, size, and shape provides ideal building blocks for the assembly of new thin films and devices. These monodisperse colloidal NCs act as “artificial atoms” with tunable electronic, optical, magnetic properties that are allowing the development of a new periodic table for design at the Mesoscale.  In this talk, I will briefly outline the current state of the art in synthesis, purification, and integration of single-phase NCs and core-shell (heterostructures) NCs emphasizing the design of semiconductor building blocks with tunable shapes (spheres, roads, cubes, discs, octahedra, etc. I will then share how these tailored NCs can be directed to assemble into single-component, binary, ternary NC superlattices providing a scalable route to the production of multifunctional thin films. The modular assembly of these NCs allows the desirable features of the underlying quantum phenomena to be enhanced even as the interactions between the NCs allow new delocalized properties to emerge.   Synergies in the electronic and optical coupling between NCs will be emphasized as we pushing toward the realization of artificial solids with a new 3D and structure and high mobilities (>30 cm2V-1S-1) device integration. I will share specific case studies in thin-film transistors, thermoelectric materials, and solution-processable photovoltaic devices build with these strongly coupled nanocrystal solids highlighting the recent developments in wafer-scale NC superlattice deposition and patterning may provide a path to scalable fabrication.   I will also share progress in microfluidic superparticle assembly approaches.  Creating mesoscale structures that span 100s of nanometer to 10s of microns as the next scale of building units.


Zoom Seminar Info:

Meeting ID: 982 0915 3548

Passcode:  621450

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