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Six matsci graduates reflect on why they chose materials science

May 23, 2018

During graduation, many speculate to what made them decide on the school and major that they chose. As we celebrate all of our materials science and engineering graduates in the Class of 2018, we talked to six recent graduates to find out what made them choose materials science at Johns Hopkins. AJ Bizub  I applied […]

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Suhas Eswarappa Prameela wins Engaged Scholar Graduate Student Award

May 17, 2018

PhD candidate Suhas Eswarappa Prameela has received the Engaged Scholar Graduate Student Award from the JHU center for Social Concern. Suhas works in Professor Tim Weihs lab and was nominated for this award by people from different departments across campus, including three DMSE faculty members:  professors Tim Weihs, Evan Ma, and Patricia McGuiggan. “I am very grateful for the […]

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Fine-tuning Gas Sensing

May 16, 2018

Having sensitive, lightweight, and portable gas-sensing systems could be helpful for a variety of different users: people with asthma searching for their triggers, soldiers at risk of chemical attack, or industrial workers facing toxic gas exposures. Ideally, a sensor would not only be able to detect a threshold amount of gas but also distinguish whether […]

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On Sabbatical with Professor Timothy Weihs

May 14, 2018

  Last year, Professor Timothy Weihs was awarded a Fulbright award to participate in a 12 month sabbatical to New Zealand’s University of Canterbury.  Since January, the professor and his family have resided in New Zealand. With almost half of his time in New Zealand over, the professor took time to answer a few questions and share […]

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MatSci 2018 Convocation Award Winners

May 8, 2018

Materials Science and Engineering Achievement Award – Eric Rothchild This award is given for outstanding achievement by a graduating senior in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Robert B. Pond, Sr. Achievement Award – AJ Bizub, Grace Hao The Robert B. Pond, Sr. Achievement Award is given to the graduating senior in the Department of Materials […]

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Beatriz Medeiros awarded URAP Internship

April 13, 2018

  Undergraduate Beatriz Medeiros has been awarded the prestigious Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) internship. The program, sponsored by the Army Research Office, aims to prove undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in science and engineering research for the army. Throughout the internship, Beatriz will be able to continue working on the […]

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Jennifer Dailey accepts APS Congressional Science Fellowship

April 12, 2018

Recent PhD, Jennifer Dailey, has accepted a position as a Congressional Science Fellow. The fellowship, offered by American Physical Society (APS), will run from September through August of the next year. Jennifer will be among the 200 – 300 fellows that will work in congressional offices in Washington, DC.

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