Dr. Michael Falk has been named a Fellow of the American Physical Society

Dr. Michael Falk was selected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society. Dr. Falk’s election as a Fellow of the APS is acknowledgement of Dr. Falks work on computational materials science, structural materials, and optoelectronic and magnetic materials by the leading organization of physicists. APS stated that this prestigious award is “APS cited him “for fundamental advances in our understanding of the mechanical response of amorphous solids through the use of innovative computational methods and theories that reveal the connection between local rearrangements and large scale response.”

Dr. Falk is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and we would all like to congratulate Dr. Falk on this remarkable acknowledgement.

Professor Evan Ma one the 3 guest editors of this MRS Bulletin special issue published this month

Spring 2019 Seminar Series

Recent Spring 2018 Graduate Eric Rothchild Co-publishes Paper Based on Senior Design Project





2018 Materials Science student, Eric Rothchild, has co-published a paper based on the research conducted for his 2018 senior design project with adviser Evan Ma and Materials Science PhD candidate Qing-Jie Li. His research entitled “On the validity of using the Debye model to quantitatively correlate the shear modulus with vibrational properties in cubic metals” was published in Scripta Materialia 158 (2019). To read the full article click the link below. Congratulations Eric!

Eric Rothchild Scripta Mater 158 (2019) 34-37 (002)

Fall 2018 Seminar Series

Masters Co-Op Program Information Session

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