abstract = {Auditory experience leads to myriad changes in processing in the central auditory system. We recently described task-related plasticity characterized by rapid modulation of spectro-temporal receptive fields (STRFs) in ferret primary auditory cortex (A1) during tone detection. We conjectured that each acoustic task may have its own "signature" STRF changes, dependent on the salient cues that the animal must attend to perform the task. To discover whether other acoustic tasks could elicit changes in STRF shape, we recorded from A1 in ferrets also trained on a frequency discrimination task. Overall, we found a distinct pattern of STRF change, characterized by an expected selective enhancement at target tone frequency but also by an equally selective depression at reference tone frequency. When single-tone detection and frequency discrimination tasks were performed sequentially, neurons responded differentially to identical tones, reflecting distinct predictive values of stimuli in the two behavioral contexts. All results were observed in multiunit as well as single-unit recordings. Our findings provide additional evidence for the presence of adaptive neuronal responses in A1 that can swiftly change to reflect both sensory content and the changing behavioral meaning of incoming acoustic stimuli.},
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