Siebel Scholarship

Our program is one of few similar programs in the world recognized by the Siebel Scholars Foundation for groundbreaking research, excellence in education, and high caliber of students.

We offer five single-year awards for students in bioengineering fields who are at the top of their class based on academic results (including research), demonstrate excellence in terms of leadership qualities in the school community and in experience prior to graduate program, and have completed at least one year at the school and are reasonably expected to have only one year remaining. Candidates will be identified by the home department in the early summer; applicants need not nominate themselves. Awards are announced in the late summer.

  1. Interested students attend an optional information session (May 23, 2018), talk to their advisors/faculty/department academic staff about the internal nomination process.
  2. Departments nominate candidates through an internal selection process (month of May, internal deadlines vary) and submit final nominations to Dean’s Office by mid-June (June 21, 2018).
  3.  JHU/Siebel Scholars Selection Committee identifies finalists (June/July)
  4. Siebel Foundation reviews nominees and makes final decision (August/September)



Nominees must meet all of the following criteria at the time of selection:

  • Currently enrolled in either a master’s or PhD program
  • Research is in the Bioengineering field
  • Ranks within the top 10% of their Bioengineering class based on academic results
  • Demonstrates excellence, in terms of leadership qualities, in academic pursuits, non-academic pursuits, and in experience prior to entering the graduate program.
  • Has a track record of distinguished research
  • Has completed at least one year at Johns Hopkins University and is reasonably expected to have only one year remaining in the Master’s or Ph.D. program (one year remaining= two full semesters left in degree program but no more than 3 semesters).


Nomination Requirements
  • Resume (CV)
    • Listing publications with full citations (i.e., including page numbers)
    • Clearly stating the month and year of expected degree completion
  • Autobiographical sketch (150 words, maximum)
    • Including academic and non-academic leadership skills/experience
  • JHU Transcript
  • Up to two letters of recommendation (one must be written by the advisor)
  • Digital photograph

More information on the Siebel Foundation can be found at

Siebel Scholars


Mert Ankarali (Mechanical Engineering)
Iraj Hosseini (Biomedical Engineering)
Carmen Kut (Biomedical Engineering)
Joel Sunshine (Biomedical Engineering)
Tuo Zhao (Computer Science Engineering)


Stephany Tzeng (Biomedical Engineering)
Jiefeng Xi (Biomedical Engineering)
Sravanti Kusuma (Biomedical Engineering)
Tushar Rane (Biomedical Engineering)
Sahar Soleimanifard (Electrical and Computer Engineering)


2012-2013 Siebel Scholarship Recipients

Yi Zhang (Biomedical Engineering)
Laura Ensign (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Mustapha Jamal (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Jason Constantino (Biomedical Engineering)
William Garrett Jenkinson (Electrical and Computer Engineering)


2011-2012 Siebel Scholarship Recipients

Manisha Aggarwal (Biomedical Engineering)
Hannah Carter (Biomedical Engineering)
Stephanie Fraley (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Donny Hanjaya-Putra (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Suneil Hosmane (Biomedical Engineering)


2010-2011 Siebel Scholarship Recipients

Vikram Aggarwal (Biomedical Engineering)
Ivy Dick (Biomedical Engineering)
Kelvin Liu (Biomedical Engineering)
Prashant Mali (Biomedical Engineering)
Ying-Ying Wang (Biomedical Engineering)


2009-2010 Siebel Scholarship Recipients

Vasudev Bailey (Biomedical Engineering)
Noy Bassik (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
Raymond Cheong (Biomedical Engineering)
Sarah Hemminger (Biomedical Engineering)
Shawn Lim (Biomedical Engineering)


The Siebel Scholars Ambassador serves as the liaison from the University to the Siebel Foundation, organizes local events for the Siebel Scholars and provides information on the scholarship to the JHU community.
Current ambassadors: Ivy Dick and Kelvin Liu

More information on the Siebel Foundation can be found at

Siebel Scholars

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