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Graduate Student Orientation

Orientation Information and Schedule for all Full-time Engineering Graduate Students

Orientation is an opportunity for new full-time graduate students to become acquainted with the Homewood campus, services and policies, departments and colleagues. Prior to the start of the fall semester, graduate students are expected to attend both departmental and division-wide orientations and welcome week activities.

*Part-time Students at EP: The information below is pertinent only to full-time graduate students in Engineering. Students in the Engineering for Professionals (EP) program are part-time students. Information about orientation for part-time graduate programs can be found at Engineering for Professionals.


Required Online Orientation for Spring 2020

Before arrival, all incoming WSE graduate students are sent access and requirement information about the required online orientation.

There is a mandatory Academic Ethics module and quiz embedded in the online orientation which is part of every graduate student’s degree requirements and must be completed with a passing grade. You will see the course EN.500.603 added to your SIS enrollments; do not drop this course!



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