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Venkataraman, Archana

John C. Malone Assistant Professor
Electrical And Computer Engineering

3400 N. Charles St

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  • Master of Electrical Engineering 2007, Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering 2006, Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT)


Journal Articles
  • Venkataraman A (2018).  Identifying Disease Foci from Static and Dynamic Effective Connectivity Networks: Illustration in Soldiers with Trauma.  Human Brain Mapping.  39(1).  264-287.
  • Venkataraman A (2017).  A Unified Bayesian Approach to Extract Network-Based Functional Differences from a Heterogeneous Patient Cohort.  Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  10511.  60-69.
  • Venkataraman A (2017).  Investigating Focal Connectivity Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease using Directional Brain Networks Derived from Resting-State fMRI.  Frontiers on Aging Neuroscience.  9.  1-12.
  • Venkataraman A (2017).  Inter-trial Coherence of Medial Frontal Theta Oscillations Linked to Differential Feedback Processing in High-Functioning Autism.  Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders.  37.  1-10.
Book Chapters
  • Venkataraman A (2018).  Autism Spectrum Disorders: Unbiased Functional Connectomics Provide New Insights into a Multifaceted Neurodevelopmental Disorder.  Connectomics: Methods, Mathematical Models and Applications.  Springer.
Conference Proceedings
  • Venkataraman A (2018).  A Modified K-Means Algorithm for Resting State FMRI Analysis of Brain Tumor Patients, As Validated by Language Localization.  ISBI: International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.
  • Venkataraman A (2018).  A Generative-Discriminative Basis Learning Framework to Predict Autism Spectrum Disorder Severity.  ISBI: International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.
  • Venkataraman A (2018).  Robust Seizure Detection Using Coupled Hidden Markov Models.  ISBI: International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging.
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