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Sofou, Stavroula

Associate Professor
Chemical And Biomolecular Engineering

Maryland Hall 116

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  • 2017:  Invited Keynote Speaker


Journal Articles
  • Sgouros G, McDevitt MR, Sofou S (2018).  Targeted and non-targeted alpha-particle therapies.  Annual Reviews in Biomedical Engineering.
  • Locke T, Sofou S (2017).  Clustered versus Uniform Display of GALA-Peptides on Carrier Nanoparticles: Enhancing the Permeation of Noncharged Fluid Lipid Membranes.  Langmuir.  33(47).  13625-13633.
  • Zhu C, Sempkowski M, Holleran T, Linz T, Bertalan T, Josefsson A, Buchertseifer F, Morgenstern A, Sofou S (2017).  Alpha-particle radiotherapy: For large solid tumors diffusion trumps targeting.  Biomaterials.  130.  67-75.
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