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Manbachi, Amir

Assistant Research Professor
Biomedical Engineering

600 N Wolfe St
(617) 415-6716

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  • Ph.D. 2015, University of Toronto
  • Master of Science 2010, University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Science 2008, University of Toronto
  • 2019 - Present:  Assistant Professor, SOM Biomedical Engineering
  • 2017 - Present:  Associate Director of the Undergraduate Design Program, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University
  • 2016 - 2017:  Director of Innovations, Johns Hopkins Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovations, The Johns Hopkins University
  • 2016 - 2017:  Research Associate, SOM Neurological Surgery
  • 2015 - 2016:  Postdoctoral fellow, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Research Areas
  • BIOMEDICAL engineering -- Instruments
  • Biomedical Engineering methods


Journal Articles
  • De Silva, Tharindu; Punnoose, Joshua; Uneri, Ali; Mahesh, Mahadevappa; Goerres, Joseph; Jacobson, Matthew; Ketcha, Michael D; Manbachi, Amir; Vogt, Sebastian; Kleinszig, Gerhard (2018).  Virtual fluoroscopy for intraoperative C-arm positioning and radiation dose reduction.  Journal of Medical Imaging.  5(1).  015005.
  • Brown, Alisa; Uneri, Ali; De Silva, Tharindu; Manbachi, Amir; Siewerdsen, Jeffrey H (2018).  Design and validation of an open-source library of dynamic reference frames for research and education in optical tracking.  Journal of Medical Imaging.  5(2).  021215.
  • Jacobson, Matthew W; Ketcha, Michael Daniel; Capostagno, Sarah; Martin, Alexander; Uneri, Ali; Goerres, Joseph; De Silva, Tharindu; Reaungamornrat, Sureerat; Han, Runze; Manbachi, Amir (2018).  A line fiducial method for geometric calibration of cone-beam CT systems with diverse scan trajectories.  Physics in Medicine & Biology.  63(2).  025030.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Kreamer-Tonin, Katlin; Walch, Philipp; Gamo, Nao J; Khoshakhlagh, Parastoo; Zhang, Yu Shrike; Montague, Charles; Acharya, Soumyadipta; Logsdon, Elizabeth A; Allen, Robert H (2018).  Starting a Medical Technology Venture as a Young Academic Innovator or Student Entrepreneur.  Annals of biomedical engineering.  46(1).  1-13.
  • Naseer, Shahid M; Manbachi, Amir; Samandari, Mohamadmahdi; Walch, Philipp; Gao, Yuan; Zhang, Yu Shrike; Davoudi, Farideh; Wang, Wesley; Abrinia, Karen; Cooper, Jonathan M (2017).  Surface acoustic waves induced micropatterning of cells in gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogels.  Biofabrication.  9(1).  015020.
  • Zhang, X; Ellens, N; Belzberg, M; Miller, P; Cohen, A; Brem, H; Siewerdsen, J; Manbachi, A (2017).  design of a Low-power, Minimally Invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Device for Ablative Applications in Neuro-oncology: A Simulation Study: tu-d-708-03.  Medical Physics.  44(6).  3140.
  • Goerres, J; Uneri, A; Jacobson, M; Ramsay, B; De Silva, T; Ketcha, M; Han, R; Manbachi, A; Vogt, S; Kleinszig, G (2017).  Planning, guidance, and quality assurance of pelvic screw placement using deformable image registration.  Physics in Medicine & Biology.  62(23).  9018.
  • Manbachi, Amir; De Silva, Tharindu; Uneri, Ali; Jacobson, Matthew W; Goerres, Joseph; Ketcha, Michael D; Han, Runze; Aygun, Nafi; Thompson, David A; Ye, Xiaobu (2017).  Clinical Translation of the LevelCheck Algorithm for Automatic Localization of Target Vertebrae in Spine Surgery.  The Spine Journal.  17(10).  S202.
  • Ribas, João; Sadeghi, Hossein; Manbachi, Amir; Leijten, Jeroen; Brinegar, Katelyn; Zhang, Yu Shrike; Ferreira, Lino; Khademhosseini, Ali (2016).  Cardiovascular organ-on-a-chip platforms for drug discovery and development.  Applied in vitro toxicology.  2(2).  82-96.
  • Yetisen, Ali K; Qu, Hang; Manbachi, Amir; Butt, Haider; Dokmeci, Mehmet R; Hinestroza, Juan P; Skorobogatiy, Maksim; Khademhosseini, Ali; Yun, Seok Hyun (2016).  Nanotechnology in textiles.  ACS nano.  10(3).  3042-3068.
  • Zhang, Yu Shrike; Davoudi, Farideh; Walch, Philipp; Manbachi, Amir; Luo, Xuan; Dell'Erba, Valeria; Miri, Amir K; Albadawi, Hassan; Arneri, Andrea; Li, Xiaoyun (2016).  Bioprinted thrombosis-on-a-chip.  Lab on a Chip.  16(21).  4097-4105.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Cobbold, Richard SC; Ginsberg, Howard J (2014).  Guided pedicle screw insertion: techniques and training.  The Spine Journal.  14(1).  165-179.
  • Gdyczynski, Catherine; Manbachi, Amir; Hashemi, SayedMasoud; Lashkari, Bahman; Cobbold, Richard SC (2014).  On estimating the directionality distribution in pedicle trabecular bone from micro-CT images.  Physiolical Measurement.  35.  2415-2428.
  • Frasch, Martin G; Xu, Yawen; Stampalija, Tamara; Durosier, Lucien D; Herry, Christophe; Wang, Xiaogang; Casati, Daniela; Seely, Andrew JE; Alfirevic, Zarko; Gao, Xin (2014).  Correlating multidimensional fetal heart rate variability analysis with acid-base balance at birth.  Physiological measurement.  35(12).  L1.
  • Zorlutuna, Pinar; Annabi, Nasim; Camci‐Unal, Gulden; Nikkhah, Mehdi; Cha, Jae Min; Nichol, Jason W; Manbachi, Amir; Bae, Hojae; Chen, Shaochen; Khademhosseini, Ali (2012).  Microfabricated biomaterials for engineering 3D tissues.  Advanced materials.  24(14).  1782-1804.
  • Lashkari, Bahman; Manbachi, Amir; Mandelis, Andreas; Cobbold, Richard SC (2012).  Slow and fast ultrasonic wave detection improvement in human trabecular bones using Golay code modulation.  Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.  132(3).  EL222-EL228.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Cobbold, Richard SC (2011).  Development and application of piezoelectric materials for ultrasound generation and detection.  Ultrasound.  19(4).  187-196.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Hoi, Yiemeng; Wasserman, Bruce A; Lakatta, Edward G; Steinman, David A (2011).  On the shape of the common carotid artery with implications for blood velocity profiles.  Physiological measurement.  32(12).  1885.
  • Cioffi, Margherita; Moretti, Matteo; Manbachi, Amir; Chung, Bong Geun; Khademhosseini, Ali; Dubini, Gabriele (2010).  A computational and experimental study inside microfluidic systems: the role of shear stress and flow recirculation in cell docking.  Biomedical microdevices.  12(4).  619-626.
  • Yliperttula, Marjo; Chung, Bong Geun; Navaladi, Akshay; Manbachi, Amir; Urtti, Arto (2008).  High-throughput screening of cell responses to biomaterials.  european journal of pharmaceutical sciences.  35(3).  151-160.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Shrivastava, Shamit; Cioffi, Margherita; Chung, Bong Geun; Moretti, Matteo; Demirci, Utkan; Yliperttula, Marjo; Khademhosseini, Ali (2008).  Microcirculation within grooved substrates regulates cell positioning and cell docking inside microfluidic channels.  Lab on a Chip.  8(5).  747-754.
  • Cioffi, Margherita; Moretti, Matteo; Manbachi, Amir; Chung, Bong Geun; Khademhosseini, Ali; Dubini, Gabriele (2008).  SHEAR STRESS AND CELL DOCKING INSIDE MICROFLUIDIC SYSTEMS: A COMPUTATIONAL AND EXPERIMENTAL STUDY.  Journal of Biomechanics.  41.  S82.
  • Chung, BG; Manbachi, A; Saadi, W; Lin, F; Jeon, NL; Khademhosseini, A (2007).  A gradient-generating microfluidic device for cell biology.  Journal of Visualized Experiments.  7.  271.
  • Chung, Bong Geun; Manbachi, Amir; Khademhosseini, Ali (2007).  A microfluidic device with groove patterns for studying cellular behavior.  Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE.  (7).
  • Manbachi A (2016).  Towards Ultrasound-guided Spinal Fusion Surgery.  Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
Book Chapters
  • Manbachi, Amir (2016).  Ultrasound Imaging Radial Array: Design and Fabrication.  Towards Ultrasound-guided Spinal Fusion Surgery.  57-72.
Conference Proceedings
  • De Silva, T; Punnoose, J; Uneri, A; Goerres, J; Jacobson, M; Ketcha, MD; Manbachi, A; Vogt, S; Kleinszig, G; Khanna, AJ (2017).  C-arm positioning using virtual fluoroscopy for image-guided surgery.  Medical Imaging 2017: Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling.  101352K.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Lee, Mike; Foster, F Stuart; Ginsberg, Howard J; Cobbold, Richard SC (2014).  Design and fabrication of a low-frequency (1-3 MHz) ultrasound transducer for accurate placement of screw implants in the spine.  Medical Imaging 2014: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography.  90400H.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Ginsberg, HJ; Cobbold, RSC (2014).  Low-frequency radial imaging array for ultrasound-navigated spinal fusion surgery.  BMES annual meeting (poster presentation), San Antonio, Texas, USA Google Scholar.
  • Manbachi, Amir; Hoi, Yiemeng; Steinman, David A (2010).  Characterization of Common Carotid Artery Curvature and its Impact on Velocity Profile Shape.  ASME 2010 Summer Bioengineering Conference.  703-704.
  • Cioffi, M; Moretti, M; Manbachi, A; Chung, BG; Khademhosseini, A; Dubini, G (2008).  The effect of shear stress on cell docking inside microfluidic systems: Computational and experimental analysis.  TISSUE ENGINEERING PART A.  (5).  914-914.
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