Kuespert, Daniel

Assoc Rsrch Scientist
Whiting School Of Engineering

Ames Hall 241
(410) 516-5525

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  • Ph.D. 1994, The Johns Hopkins University
  • Master of Science 1991, University of Maryland College Park
  • Bachelor of Science 1990, University of Maryland College Park
  • 2013 - Present:  Joint, SOM Medicine


Journal Articles
  • Kuespert DR (2017).  Safety and ethics in ACS and major scientific and engineering societies: A gap analysis.  Journal of Chemical Health and Safety.  24(6).
  • Kuespert DR, Leon NJ (2013).  Integrating safety into academic culture.  ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Proceedings (IMECE).  5.
  • Kuespert DR, Muralidharan V, Donohue MD (1995).  Microstructure and phase behaviour of a mixed-dimer amphiphile.  Molecular Physics.  86(2).
  • Donohue M, Kuespert D (1995).  Microscale behavior in amphiphilic fluid mixtures predicted by the SAFT equation.  The Journal of Physical Chemistry.  99(13).  4805-4810.
  • Kuespert DR, Donohue MD (1995).  Microscale behavior in amphiphilic fluid mixtures predicted by the SAFT equation.  Journal of Physical Chemistry.  99(13).
  • Kuespert DR, McAvoy TJ (1994).  Knowledge extraction in chemical process control.  Chemical Engineering Communications.  130(1).
  • Donohue M, Kuespert D (1993).  Local order and microphase formation in fluids containing asymmetric molecules.  Langmuir.  9(2).  431-437.
  • Kuespert DR, Donohue MD (1993).  Local ordering in asymmetric chain fluids.  The Journal of Chemical Physics.  98(12).
  • Kuespert DR, Donohue MD (1993).  Local Order and Microphase Formation in Fluids Containing Asymmetric Molecules.  Langmuir.  9(2).
  • Hunter LW, Mark FF, Kitchin DA, Feinstein MR, Blum NA, Platte BR, Arcella FG, Kuespert DR, Donohue MD (1993).  Optical Effects of Electro-Rheological Fluids.  Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures.  4(3).
  • Gingrich CG, Kuespert DR, McAvoy TJ (1992).  Modeling human operators using neural networks.  ISA Transactions.  31(3).
  • Gingrich CG, Kuespert DR, McAvoy TJ (1990).  Modeling human operators using neural networks.  Advances in Instrumentation, Proceedings.  45(pt 3).
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