Jain, Abhishek

Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Malone Hall 315
(410) 516-4276

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  • Ph.D. 2012, Univ of California Los Angeles


Journal Articles
  • Jain A, Zhou Y, Mustufa T, Burdette EC, Chirikjian G, Fichtinger G (2005).  Matching and reconstruction of brachytherapy seeds using the Hungarian algorithm (MARSHAL)..  Medical physics.  32(11).  3475-92.
  • Jain A, Mustafa T, Zhou Y, Burdette C, Chirikjian G, Fichtinger G (2005).  FTRAC--a robust fluoroscope tracking fiducial..  Medical physics.  32(10).  3185-98.
Conference Proceedings
  • Scepanovic D, Kirshtein J, Jain A, Taylor R (2005).  Fast Algorithm for Probabilistic Bone Edge Detection (FAPBED).  SPIE International Symposium on Medical Imaging.  5747.  1753-1765.
  • Jain A, Taylor , R.H. (2004).  Understanding Bone Responses in B-mode Ultrasound Images and Automatic Bone Surface Extraction using a Bayesian Probabilistic Framework.  SPIE Medical Imaging.
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