Hristov, Tihomir

Assoc Resrch Scient
Mechanical Engineering

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  • Ph.D. 1993, Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Research Areas
  • Dynamics of geophysical flows
  • Electromagnetic and acoustic waves in random media
  • Experimental, theoretical, and numerical studies of waves and turbulence in fluids


Journal Articles
  • Wu L, Hristov T, Rutgersson A (2018).  Vertical profiles of wave-coherent momentum flux and velocity variances in the marine atmospheric boundary layer.  Journal of Physical Oceanography.  48(3).
  • (2018).  Mechanistic, empirical and numerical perspectives on wind-waves interaction.  Procedia IUTAM.  26.
  • Hristov T, Ruiz-Plancarte J (2014).  Dynamic balances in a wavy boundary layer.  Journal of Physical Oceanography.  44(12).
  • Högström U, Rutgersson A, Sahlée E, Smedman AS, Hristov TS, Drennan WM, Kahma KK (2013).  Air-Sea Interaction Features in the Baltic Sea and at a Pacific Trade-Wind Site: An Inter-comparison Study.  Boundary-Layer Meteorology.  147(1).
  • Dimitrov ZD, Maneva YG, Hristov TS, Mishonov TM (2011).  Nonlinear terms of MHD equations for homogeneous magnetized Shear Flow.  AIP Conference Proceedings.  1356.
  • Dimitrov ZD, Maneva YG, Hristov TS, Mishonov TM (2011).  Over-reflection of slow magnetosonic waves by homogeneous shear flow: Analytical solution.  Physics of Plasmas.  18(8).
  • Chen L, Novicky L, Merzlyakov M, Hristov T, Hristova K (2010).  Measuring the energetics of membrane protein dimerization in mammalian membranes.  Journal of the American Chemical Society.  132(10).
  • Chen L, Novicky L, Merzlyakov M, Hristov T, Hristova K (2010).  Measuring the Energetics of Membrane Protein Dimerization in Mammalian Membranes.  Journal of the American Chemical Society.  132(10).  3628-3635.
  • Mishonov TM, Dimitrov ZD, Maneva YG, Hristov TS (2009).  Amplification of slow magnetosonic waves by shear flow: Heating and friction mechanisms of accretion disks.  AIP Conference Proceedings.  1121.
  • Miller SD, Hristov TS, Edson JB, Friehe CA (2008).  Platform motion effects on measurements of turbulence and air-sea exchange over the open ocean.  Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology.  25(9).
  • Hristov TS (2008).  Correcting distortions in measurements of atmospheric pressure fluctuations.  Boundary-Layer Meteorology.  129(3).
  • Sullivan PP, Edson JB, Hristov T, McWilliams JC (2008).  Large-eddy simulations and observations of atmospheric marine boundary layers above nonequilibrium surface waves.  Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences.  65(4).
  • Hristov TS, Anderson KD, Friehe CA (2008).  Scattering properties of the ocean surface: The Miller-Brown-Vegh model revisited.  IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.  56(4).
  • Edson J, Crawford T, Crescenti J, Farrar T, Frew N, Gerbi G, Helmis C, Hristov T, Khelif D, Jessup A, Jonsson H, Li M, Mahrt L, McGillis W, Plueddemann A, Shen L, Skyllingstad E, Stanton T, Sullivan P, Sun J, Trowbridge J, Vickers D, Wang S, Wang Q, Weller R, Wilkin J, Williams AJ, Yue DKP, Zappa C (2007).  The coupled boundary layers and air-sea transfer experiment in low winds.  Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.  88(3).
  • Sullivan PP, Edson JB, Hristov T, McWilliams JC (2006).  Momentum flux structures and statistics in low-wind marine surface layers: Observations and large-eddy simulations.  27th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology.
  • Hristov T, Anderson K, Edson J, Friehe C (2004).  Dynamics of the surface layer over the ocean as revealed from field measurements of the atmospheric pressure.  16th Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence.
  • Anderson KD, Brooks B, Caffrey P, Clarke A, Cohen L, Crahan K, Davidson K, De Jong A, De Leeuw G, Dion D, Doss-Hammel S, Frederickson P, Friehe C, Hristov T, Khelif D, Moerman M, Reid JS, Reising S, Smith M, Terrill E, Tsintikidis D (2004).  The red experiment: An assessment of boundary layer effects in a trade winds regime on microwave and infrared propagation over the sea.  Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.  85(9).
  • Hristov TS, Miller SD, Friehe CA (2003).  Dynamical coupling of wind and ocean waves through wave-induced air flow.  Nature.  422(6927).
  • Fuehrer PL, Friehe CA, Hristov TS, Cooper DI, Eichinger WE (2000).  Statistical-uncertainty-based adaptive filtering of lidar signals.  Applied Optics.  39(5).
  • Hristov TS, Miller SD, Friehe CA (2000).  Linear time-invariant compensation of cup anemometer and vane inertia.  Boundary-Layer Meteorology.  97(2).
  • Hristov T, Friehe C, Miller S (1998).  Wave-coherent fields in air flow over ocean waves: Identification of cooperative behavior buried in turbulence.  Physical Review Letters.  81(23).
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