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Grayson, Warren

Associate Professor
Som Biomedical Engineering

Smith Bldg Rm 5023
(410) 502-6306

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Three WSE researchers awarded Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund grants

June 24, 2016

Three Whiting School of Engineering researchers have received grants from the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund. Sharon Gerecht, Kent Gordon Croft Investment Management Faculty Scholar in the Whiting School of Engineering’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and associate director of the Institute for NanoBioTechnology, and Warren Grayson, associate professor in the Department of Biomedical […]

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Journal Articles
  • Morrissette-McAlmon J, Ginn B, Somers S, Fukunishi T, Thanitcul C, Rindone A, Hibino N, Tung L, Mao HQ, Grayson W (2020).  Biomimetic Model of Contractile Cardiac Tissue with Endothelial Networks Stabilized by Adipose-Derived Stromal/Stem Cells.  Scientific Reports.  10(1).
  • Gilbert-Honick J, Iyer SR, Somers SM, Takasuka H, Lovering RM, Wagner KR, Mao HQ, Grayson WL (2020).  Engineering 3D skeletal muscle primed for neuromuscular regeneration following volumetric muscle loss.  Biomaterials.  255.
  • Gilbert-Honick J, Grayson W (2020).  Vascularized and Innervated Skeletal Muscle Tissue Engineering.  Advanced Healthcare Materials.  9(1).
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  • Altamirano DE, Noller K, Mihaly E, Grayson WL (2020).  Recent advances toward understanding the role of transplanted stem cells in tissue-engineered regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues.  F1000Research.  9.
  • Nyberg E, Farris A, O'Sullivan A, Rodriguez R, Grayson W (2019).  Comparison of stromal vascular fraction and passaged adipose-derived stromal/stem cells as point-of-care agents for bone regeneration.  Tissue Engineering - Part A.  25(21-22).  1459-1469.
  • Guo Y, Gilbert-Honick J, Somers SM, Mao HQ, Grayson WL (2019).  Modified cell-electrospinning for 3D myogenesis of C2C12s in aligned fibrin microfiber bundles.  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  516(2).  558-564.
  • Somers SM, Zhang NY, Morrissette-McAlmon JBF, Tran K, Mao HQ, Grayson WL (2019).  Myoblast maturity on aligned microfiber bundles at the onset of strain application impacts myogenic outcomes.  Acta Biomaterialia.  94.  232-242.
  • Rindone AN, Kachniarz B, Achebe CC, Riddle RC, O'Sullivan AN, Dorafshar AH, Grayson WL (2019).  Heparin-Conjugated Decellularized Bone Particles Promote Enhanced Osteogenic Signaling of PDGF-BB to Adipose-Derived Stem Cells in Tissue Engineered Bone Grafts.  Advanced Healthcare Materials.  8(10).
  • Li X, Cho B, Martin R, Seu M, Zhang C, Zhou Z, Choi JS, Jiang X, Chen L, Walia G, Yan J, Callanan M, Liu H, Colbert K, Morrissette-McAlmon J, Grayson W, Reddy S, Sacks JM, Mao HQ (2019).  Nanofiber-hydrogel composite–mediated angiogenesis for soft tissue reconstruction.  Science Translational Medicine.  11(490).
  • Farris AL, Cook CA, Grayson WL (2019).  Mathematical modeling of oxygen release from hyperbarically loaded polymers.  Biotechnology Progress.  35(2).
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  • Nyberg E, O’Sullivan A, Grayson W (2019).  ScafSlicr: A MATLAB-based slicing algorithm to enable 3D-printing of tissue engineering scaffolds with heterogeneous porous microarchitecture.  PLoS ONE.  14(11).
  • Farris AL, Lambrechts D, Zhang N, Rindone A, Nyberg EL, O’sullivan A, Burris SJ, Free K, Grayson WL (2019).  Tunable oxygen-releasing, 3d-printed scaffolds improve in vivo osteogenesis.  Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials and the Annual International Biomaterials Symposium.  40.  425.
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  • Nyberg E, Grayson W (2018).  Assessing the Minimum Time-Period of Normoxic Preincubation for Stable Adipose Stromal Cell-Derived Vascular Networks.  Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering.  11(6).  471-481.
  • Yuan D, Somers SM, Grayson WL, Spector AA (2018).  A Poroelastic Model of a Fibrous-Porous Tissue Engineering Scaffold.  Scientific Reports.  8(1).
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Book Chapters
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