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Goldberg, Harry

Associate Professor
Som Biomedical EngineeringBME Profile

Clark Hall 118A
(410) 955-2359

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  • Doctor of Medicine 1991, University of Maryland, School of Medicine
  • 2012 - 2019:  Assistant Professor, SOM Plastic Surgery
  • 2002 - Present:  Joint, SOM Health Sciences Informatics


Journal Articles
  • Geller G, Steinman C, Caldwell M, Goldberg H, Hanlon C, Wonnell T, Merritt MW (2020).  Development and Validation of a Capacity for Wonder Scale for Use in Educational Settings.  Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment.
  • Haase E, Phan BN, Goldberg HR (2017).  Molecules and cells: Team-based and multi-modal learning improves comprehension and increases content retention.  ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings.  2017-June.
  • Haase E, Goldberg H (2017).  Molecules and Cells: A model for addressing the needs of students with varied backgrounds and diverse learning styles.  ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings.  2017-June.
  • Mains TE, Cofrancesco J, Milner SM, Shah NG, Goldberg H (2015).  Do questions help? The impact of audience response systems on medical student learning: A randomized controlled trial.  Postgraduate Medical Journal.  91(1077).  361-367.
  • Hsih KW, Iscoe MS, Lupton JR, Mains TE, Nayar SK, Orlando MS, Parzuchowski AS, Sabbagh MF, Schulz JC, Shenderov K, Simkin DJ, Vakili S, Vick JB, Xu T, Yin O, Goldberg HR (2015).  The Student Curriculum Review Team: How we catalyze curricular changes through a student-centered approach.  Medical Teacher.  37(11).  1008-1012.
  • Goldberg H, Klaff J, Spjut A, Milner S (2014).  A mobile app for measuring the surface area of a burn in three dimensions: Comparison to the lund and browder assessment.  Journal of Burn Care and Research.  35(6).  480-483.
  • Blumberg DM, Quigley HA, Goldberg HR (2009).  Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a web-based, interactive approach for teaching the management of angle-closure glaucoma.  Journal of Glaucoma.  18(2).  107-113.
  • Thomas PA, Goldberg H (2007).  Tracking reflective practice-based learning by medical students during an ambulatory clerkship.  Journal of General Internal Medicine.  22(11).  1583-1586.
  • Goldberg HR, Dintzis R (2007).  The positive impact of team-based virtual microscopy on student learning in physiology and histology.  American Journal of Physiology - Advances in Physiology Education.  31(3).  261-265.
  • Goldberg HR, Haase E, Shoukas A, Schramm L (2006).  Redefining classroom instruction.  American Journal of Physiology - Advances in Physiology Education.  30(3).  124-127.
  • Goldberg HR, McKhann GM (2000).  Student test scores are improved in a virtual learning environment.  American Journal of Physiology - Advances in Physiology Education.  23(1).  59-66.
  • Clarke ND, Beamer LJ, Goldberg HR, Berkower C, Pabo CO (1991).  The DNA binding arm of λ repressor: Critical contacts from a flexible region.  Science.  254(5029).  267-270.
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