Gaitanaros, Stavros

Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering

Latrobe Hall Rm 221
(410) 516-6482

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  • Ph.D. 2014, UNIV TEXAS AUSTIN*
  • 2014 - 2015:  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Areas
  • Characterization data
  • Experimental data
  • Mechanical properties of programmed nanostructures made of self-assembling DNA strands
  • Nonlinear mechanics of architected materials
  • Physics-based modeling
  • 2016:  IUTAM Bureau Prize in Solid Mechanics
  • 2013:  “Highly Commended”, Graduate Student Paper Competition
  • 2013:  Hellenic Professional Society of Texas Scholarship
  • 2012:  Travel Award
  • 2012:  3rd place award in Best Student Paper contest
  • 2012:  Max L. Williams Endowed Graduate Fellowship
  • 2012:  Professional Development Award,
  • 2012:  University Preemptive Fellowship
  • "The compressive response of open-cell polydisperse foams", International Mechanical Engineering Conference & Exposition.  Phoenix, AZ.  November 14, 2016
  • "Crushing and energy-absorption of polydisperse foams", Society of Engineering Science 53rd Annual Technical Meeting.  College Park, MD.  October 2, 2016
  • "Mechanics of Architected Materials: From Foams to DNA Origami", Departmental Seminar.  Baltimore, MD.  September 1, 2016
  • "The Effect of Polydispersity on the Crushing of Open-cell Random Foams", 24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.  Montreal, Canada.  August 20, 2016
  • "Crushing of random foams of varying density and polydispersity", Mach Conference.  Annapolis, MD.  April 6, 2016
  • "Design and Mechanics of Cellular Materials from Macro- to Nanoscale", Departmental Seminar.  Baltimore, MD.  April 1, 2015
  • "Design and Mechanics of Cellular Materials from Macro- to Nanoscale", Departmental Seminar.  Philadelphia, PA.  February 1, 2015
  • "Dynamic crushing and shock propagation in open-cell foams", 17th US National Congress on Theoretical & Applied Mechanics.  East Lansing, Michigan.  June 1, 2014
  • "Impact and shock propagation in aluminum open-cell foams", International Mechanical Engineering Conference & Exposition.  San Diego, CA.  November 1, 2013
  • "Shock propagation in aluminum open-cell foam under impact", Symposium on Materials and Interfaces under High Strain Rate and Large Deformation.  Metz, France.  July 1, 2013
  • "Modeling of shock propagation in aluminum foam under impact", 50th Annual Summer Meeting.  Providence, RI.  July 1, 2013
  • "On the crushing response of open cell random metallic foams", International Mechanical Engineering Conference & Exposition.  Houston, TX.  November 1, 2012
  • "Crushing of open-cell random foams", 8th European Solid Mechanics Conference.  Graz, Austria.  July 9, 2012


Journal Articles
  • Gaitanaros, Stavros; Kyriakides, Stelios; Kraynik, Andrew M (2018).  On the crushing of polydisperse foams.  European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids.  67.  243-253.
  • Bayat, Alireza; Gaitanaros, Stavros (2018).  Wave Directionality in Three-Dimensional Periodic Lattices.  Journal of Applied Mechanics.  85(1).  011004.
  • Wang, Pengfei; Gaitanaros, Stavros; Lee, Seungwoo; Bathe, Mark; Shih, William M; Ke, Yonggang (2016).  Programming self-assembly of DNA origami honeycomb two-dimensional lattices and plasmonic metamaterials.  Journal of the American Chemical Society.  138(24).  7733-7740.
  • Gaitanaros S, Kyriakides S (2015).  On the effect of relative density on the crushing and energy absorption of open-cell foams under impact.  International Journal of Impact Engineering.  82.  3-13.
  • Gaitanaros S, Kyriakides S (2014).  Dynamic crushing of aluminum foams: Part II - Analysis.  International Journal of Solids and Structures.  51(9).  1646-1661.
  • Barnes, AT; Ravi-Chandar, K; Kyriakides, S; Gaitanaros, S (2014).  Dynamic crushing of aluminum foams: Part I–Experiments.  International Journal of Solids and Structures.  51(9).  1631-1645.
  • Gaitanaros S, Kyriakides S, Kraynik A (2012).  On the crushing response of random open-cell foams.  International Journal of Solids and Structures.  49(19-20).  2733-2743.
  • Gaitanaros, S; Karaiskos, G; Papadimitriou, C; Aravas, N (2010).  A Bayesian methodology for crack identification in structures using strain measurements.  International Journal of Reliability and Safety.  4(2-3).  206-237.
Conference Proceedings
  • Gaitanaros S, Karaiskos G, Papadimitriou C, Aravas N (2007).  Crack identification in structures using optimal experimental design.  Structural Health Monitoring 2007: Quantification, Validation, and Implementation - Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, IWSHM 2007.  1.  653-660.
  • Gaitanaros, S; Karaiskos, G; Papadimitriou, C; Aravas, N (2007).  Crack identification in structures using optimal experimental design.  Proceedings of 6th international workshop on structural health monitoring.
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