Eric Young is a professor emeritus of biomedical engineering, neuroscience, and otolaryngology in the Whiting School of Engineering and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

His research focuses on understanding the representation and processing of complex signals in the auditory system, and the applications that may be used for auditory prosthesis for those with hearing impairments. Young has worked to improve the understanding of common types of hearing impairment by investigating how the impairment affects neural information processing in the auditory system. In one approach, he and his team are designing signal processing algorithms to restore normal neural representations of sounds in the auditory nerve. In a second, they are studying the secondary changes in neural processing which occur in the brain after damage to the auditory input.

Young received his BS (1967) from the California Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. (1972) from Johns Hopkins before completing post-doctoral work at the University of Chicago in 1975.