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Ellis, J. Hugh

Environmental Health And Engineering

Ames Hall 210
(410) 516-6537

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  • Master of Science 1981, University Of Waterloo
  • Bachelor of Science 1979, University Of Waterloo
  • 2007 - Present:  Lecturer, WSE Engineering for Professionals (EP)
  • 2004 - 2009:  Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering
  • 2004 - 2004:  Advisor, Maryland Department of the Environment
  • 1994 - 2004:  Chairman, Maryland Department of the Environment
  • 1998:  Student Council Excellence in teaching Award
  • 1996:  William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award - May
  • 1982:  Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Fellowship
  • 1981:  Faculty of Engineering Fellowship - University of Waterloo
  • "Energy Sector Emissions Downscaling: Methods and Challenges", Trans-Atlantic Infraday Conference.  Washington, DC.  November 10, 2016
  • "On the Identification of Associations between Flow Cytometry Data and Systemic Sclerosis Clinical Manifestations", 2014 P30 Rheumatology Retreat.  Baltimore, MD.  May 28, 2014
  • "Systems Engineering Modeling of Rheumatic Diseases: The Scleroderma-Cancer Example", 2014 P30 Rheumatology Retreat.  Baltimore, MD.  May 28, 2014


Journal Articles
  • Rasmussen S, Koehler K, J. Hugh Ellis , Bandeen-Roche K, Platt R, Schwartz BS, Manthos D (2017).  Exposure assessment using secondary data sources in unconventional natural gas development and health studies.  Environmental Science and Technology - submitted.
  • Ellis J, Hobbs B, Ellis J, Crowley C, Joutz F (2015).  Impacts of climate change on power sector NOx emissions: A long-run analysis of the US mid-atlantic region.  Energy Policy.  84.  11-21.
  • Nau C, Ellis H, Huang H, Schwartz BS, Hirsch A, Ellis J, Kress AM, Pollak J, Glass TA (2015).  Exploring the forest instead of the trees: An innovative method for defining obesogenic and obesoprotective environments.  Health Place.  35.  136-46.
  • Crisostomo A, Ellis J, Rendon C (2014).  Will this rain barrel fix my flooding: Designing effective programs to incentivize private property stormwater interventions.  87th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, WEFTEC 2014.  2.  1593-1622.
  • Hobbs BF, Hu MC, Chen Y, Ellis JH, Paul A, Burtraw D, Palmer KL (2010).  From regions to stacks: Spatial and temporal downscaling of power pollution scenarios.  IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.  25(2).  1179-1189.
  • Grais RF, Ellis JH, Kress A, Glass GE (2004).  Modeling the spread of annual influenza epidemics in the U.S.: The potential role of air travel.  Health Care Management Science.  7(2).  127-134.
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  • Ellis JH, McBean A, Mulamoottil G (1982).  Design of dual drainage systems using SWMM..  Journal of the Hydraulics Division - ASCE.  108(HY10).  1222-1227.
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