Cowan, Noah J.

Associate Professor
Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Hackerman Hall 121
3400 N Charles St
(410) 516-5301

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Johns Hopkins scholars, leaders celebrate faculty research awards

September 4, 2015

Scholars from across Johns Hopkins University’s 10 divisions gathered last night at the George Peabody Library to celebrate 60 innovative research projects that are being supported by the inaugural Catalyst and Discovery awards. Thirty-seven early career scholars (five of them from WSE) received Catalyst Awards and 23 cross-divisional faculty teams, which included 14 WSE faculty […]

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No Clowning Around: Juggling Study Sheds Light on Locomotion

February 11, 2014

Juggling may sound like mere entertainment, but a study led by Johns Hopkins engineers has used this circus skill to gather critical clues about how vision and the sense of touch help control the way humans and animals move their limbs in a repetitive way, such as in running. The findings eventually may aid in […]

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  • Ph.D. 1997, University of Michigan
  • M.S. 1995, University of Michigan
  • B.S. 1990, Ohio State University
  • 2001 - 2003:  Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley
Research Areas
  • Robotics
  • Neuroscience
  • Biomechanics
  • Locomotion
  • Control systems
  • 2014:  The Dunn Family Award
  • 2012:  Finalist - Best Paper in 2012 in Journal of Experimental Biology
  • 2012:  James S. McDonnell Complex Systems Scholar Award
  • 2011:  PECASE
  • 2009:  National Science Foundation CAREER Award
  • 2006:  Finalist - Best Paper - 2006 Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) Conference - awarded at the 2007 IROS Conference. Joint with Robert J. Webster - III - and Allison M. Okamura.
  • 2005:  William H. Huggins Excellence in Teaching Award:This award is given in recognition of outstanding teaching in the Whiting School of Engineering at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and a demonstrated dedication to students.
  • 2000:  Finalist - Best Student Paper - Conference on Decisions and Controls - Sydney - Australia.
  • 2000:  Rackham Graduate Fellow - University of Michigan.
  • 1995:  I.E.C. Everitt Award
  • 1995:  Summa Cum Laude - Ohio State University
  • 1994:  Golden Key
  • 1994:  Undergraduate Research Scholar - Ohio State University.
  • 1993:  Eta Kappa Nu
  • 1993:  Tau Beta Pi
  • Janelia Research Campus Seminar.  2017
  • Robotics Institute Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University.  2017
  • "Stabilizing the Unstable Brain", Winter Workshop on Locomotion.  2017
  • "Stabilizing the Unstable Brain", Applied Math Seminar, University of Waterloo.  2016
  • "Active Sensing via Rhythmic Movement Shapes Sensory Feedback for Control", Dynamic Walking.  Ann Arbor, MI.  2016
  • Biology Colloquium, Muhlenberg College.  2015
  • Biophysics Colloquium, Georgia Institute of Technology.  2015
  • Biotechnology Seminar Series, University of Nebraska.  2015
  • "Identifying Stability Properties of a Hybrid Spring-Mass-Damper via Piecewise LTI Approximation and Harmonic Transfer Functions", Dynamic Walking.  2015
  • "Sensory Weighting in a Rhythmic Ball Bouncing Task", Dynamic Walking.  2015
  • GRASP Laboratory Seminar Series, University of Pennsylvania.  2015
  • Invited Speaker, Dynamic Walking Conference.  2015
  • Invited Speaker, Robotics-Inspired Biology Workshop, International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).  2015
  • ""Time" as a sensorimotor control problem: performance limits of human auditory -- motor entrainment", Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting.  Portland, OR.  2015
  • "Closing the Loop Around Free Behavior During Active Sensing", Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting.  West Palm Beach, FL.  2015
  • "Fitting low-order transfer function models to messy biological data", AMS Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting.  2014
  • Applied Dynamics Seminar Series, University of Maryland.  2014
  • Joint seminar for CiBER-IGERT and the Control Theory Seminar Series, University of California, Berkeley.  2014
  • Neuroscience Retreat, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.  2014
  • Rehabilitation Science Research Seminar, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore.  2014


Journal Articles
  • Uyanik, I., Ankarali, M. M., Cowan, N., Saranli, U., Morgul, O. (2016).  Identification of a Vertical Hopping Robot Model via Harmonic Transfer Functions.  Trans Inst Measurement Control.
  • Sutton, E. E., Demir, A., Stamper, S. A., Fortune, E. S., Cowan, N. (2016).  Dynamic modulation of visual and electrosensory gains for locomotor control.  J R Soc Interface.  13(118).  20160057.
  • Lamperski, A., Cowan, N. (2016).  Optimal control with noisy time.  IEEE Trans Autom Control.  61(2).  319–333.
  • Ankarali, M. M., Sefati, S., Madhav, M. S., Long, A., Bastian, A., Cowan, N. (2015).  Walking dynamics are symmetric (enough).  J R Soc Interface.  12(108).
  • Ankarali, M. M., Sen, H. T., De, A., Okamura, A. M., Cowan, N. (2014).  Haptic feedback enhances rhythmic motor control by reducing variability, not improving convergence rate.  J Neurophysiol.  111(6).  1286–1299.
  • Mongeau, J., Demir, A., Dallmann, C. J., Jayaram, K., Cowan, N., Full, R. J. (2014).  Mechanical processing via passive dynamic properties of the cockroach antenna can facilitate control during rapid running.  J Exp Biol.  217(18).  3333–3345.
  • Lamperski, A., Cowan, N. (2014).  Optimal Control with Noisy Time.  IEEE Trans Autom Control.
  • Swensen, J. P., Lin, M., Okamura, A. M., Cowan, N. (2014).  Torsional Dynamics of Steerable Needles: Modeling and Fluoroscopic Guidance.  IEEE Trans Biomed Eng.  PP(99).  1-1.
  • Cowan, N., Ankarali, M. M., Dyhr, J. P., Madhav, M. S., Roth, E., Sefati, S., Sponberg, S., Stamper, S. A., Fortune, E. S., Daniel, T. L. (2014).  Feedback Control as a Framework for Understanding Tradeoffs in Biology.  Integr Comp Biol.  54(2).  223-237.
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  • Madhav, M. S., Stamper, S. A., Fortune, E. S., Cowan, N. (2013).  Closed-loop stabilization of the Jamming Avoidance Response reveals its locally unstable and globally nonlinear dynamics.  J Exp Biol.  216(22).  4272–4284.
  • Dyhr, J. P., Daniel, T. L., Morgansen, K. A., Cowan, N. (2013).  Flexible strategies for flight control: an active role for the abdomen.  J Exp Biol.  216(9).  1523-1536.
  • Mongeau, J., Demir, A., Lee, J., Cowan, N., Full, R. J. (2013).  Locomotion- and mechanics-mediated tactile sensing: antenna reconfiguration simplifies control during high-speed navigation in cockroaches.  J Exp Biol.  216(24).  4530-4541.
  • Sefati, S., Neveln, I. D., Roth, E., Mitchell, T., Snyder, J. B., MacIver, M. A., Fortune, E. S., Cowan, N. (2013).  Mutually opposing forces during locomotion can eliminate the tradeoff between maneuverability and stability.  Proc Nat Acad Sci.  110(47).  18798-18803.
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Book Chapters
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Conference Proceedings
  • Kunapareddy, A., Cowan, N. (2016).  Recovering Observability via Active Sensing.  Proc Amer Control Conf.
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