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Choi, Jay

Asst Res Scientist
Dept Of Chemical And Biomolecular Engrg

Croft Hall B26
3400 N Charles St

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  • "Rational design of protein switches based on the ensemble model of allostery", American Chemical Society National Meeting.  Denver, CO.  March 23, 2015
  • "The utilization of conformational entropy in the design of multi-input switches ", AIChE National Meeting.  November 19, 2014
  • "Rational design of multi-input controlled protein switches towards the development of target specific therapeutic enzymes and biosensors", AIChE National Meeting.  Atlanta, GA.  November 16, 2014


Journal Articles
  • Choi, J., Zayats, M., Searson, P., Ostermeier, M. (2014).  Electrochemical control of engineered protein switches.  Chemical Communications.
  • Choi, J., Ostermeier, M. (2014).  Rational Design of a Fusion Protein to Exhibit Disulfide-Mediated Logic Gate Behavior..  ACS Synthetic Biology.
  • Choi, J., Laurent, A. H., Hilser, V., Ostermeier, M. (2014).  Rational design of protein switches based on the ensemble model of allostery.  Nature Communications.
  • Chen, W., Wu, P. H., Phillip, J. M., Khatau, S. B., Choi, J., Dallas, M. R., Konstantopoulos, K., Sun, S., Lee, J. S., Hodzic, D., Wirtz, D. (2013).  Functional interplay between the cell cycle and cell phenotypes.  Integr Biol (Camb).  5(3).  523-34.
  • Choi, J., San, A., Ostermeier, M. (2013).  Non-allosteric enzyme switches possess larger effector-induced changes in thermodynamic stability than their non-switch analogs.  Protein Sci.  22(4).  475-85.
  • Heins, R. A., Choi, J., Sohka, T., Ostermeier, M. (2011).  In vitro recombination of non-homologous genes can result in gene fusions that confer a switching phenotype to cells.  PLoS One.  6(11).  e27302.
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