Aranovich, Gregory

Principal Research Scientist
Chemical And Biomolecular Engineering

Maryland Hall 221
(410) 516-7079

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  • Ph.D. 1982, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys
  • Present:  Medal Inventor, USSR


Journal Articles
  • Sumanatrakul P, Abaza S, Aranovich G, Sangwichien C, Donohue M (2012).  Pattern of adsorption isotherms in Ono-Kondo coordinates.  Journal of colloid and interface science.  368(1).  427-433.
  • Whitman JR, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2011).  Thermodynamic driving force for diffusion: Comparison between theory and simulation.  The Journal of chemical physics.  134(9).  094303.
  • Sumanatrakul P, Sangwichien C, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2011).  Adsorption Compression Analysis for Supercritical Fluids using Ono-Kondo Model.  Adsorption.  11(2).  45-52.
  • Whitman JR, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2010).  Anisotropic mean free path in simulations of fluids traveling down a density gradient..  The Journal of chemical physics.  132(22).  224302-224302.
  • Gauden P, Terzyk A, Kowalczyk P, Aranovich G, Donohue M, Cwiertnia M, Furmaniak S, Rychlicki G (2008).  Giles' classification of solute adsorption isotherms for binary non-electrolyte solutions via lattice DFT supported by experimental sorption data from aqueous solutions on carbonaceous materials.  Research Signpost.
  • Pawar AB, Kretzschmar I, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2007).  Self-assembly of T-structures in molecular fluids.  The Journal of Physical Chemistry B.  111(8).  2081-2089.
  • Aranovich G, Donohue M (2006).  Multiplicity of Correlation Functions in Fluids.  The 2006 Annual Meeting.
  • Matuszak D, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2006).  Single-component permeation maximum with respect to temperature: A lattice density functional theory study.  Industrial & engineering chemistry research.  45(16).  5501-5511.
  • Whitman JR, Matuszak D, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2006).  Driving Force for Molecular Diffusion: Comparision between Theory and Simulation.  The 2006 Annual Meeting.
  • Chen Y, Wetzel T, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2006).  Generalization of Kelvin's equation for compressible liquids in nanoconfinement.  Journal of colloid and interface science.  300(1).  45-51.
  • Matuszak D, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2006).  Modeling fluid diffusion using the lattice density functional theory approach: counterdiffusion in an external field.  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.  8(14).  1663-1674.
  • Wetzel TE, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2006).  Exact Solutions for the Adsorption of Dimer Molecules Onto Finite Width Lattices.  The 2006 Annual Meeting.
  • Matuszak D, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2006).  Thermodynamic Driving Force for Molecular Diffusion-Lattice Density Functional Theory Predictions.  Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics.  31(4).  355-384.
  • Wetzel TE, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2005).  Adsorption Behavior of Repulsive Molecules.  The 2005 Annual Meeting.
  • Matuszak D, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2005).  Modeling Permeation in Nanoporous Media with Lattice Density Functional Theory.  The 2005 Annual Meeting.
  • Matuszak D, Gaddy GD, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2005).  Cosorption effect in gas chromatography: flow fluctuations caused by adsorbing carrier gases.  Journal of Chromatography A.  1063(1).  171-180.
  • Matuszak D, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2004).  Lattice density functional theory of molecular diffusion.  The Journal of chemical physics.  121(1).  426-435.
  • Chernoff MP, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2002).  Density functional theory calculations of the energy and free energy of anisotropic multicomponent mixtures.  The Journal of chemical physics.  116(21).  9395-9403.
  • Amelina E, Shchukin E, Parfenova A, Pelekh V, Vidensky, IV , Bessonov A, Aranovich G, Donohue M (2000).  Effect of cationic polyelectrolyte and surfactant on cohesion and friction in contacts between cellulose fibers.  Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects.  167(3).  215-227.
  • Sumanatrakool P, Sangwichien C, Donohue M, Aranovich G  Analysis of adsorption isotherms for greenhouse gases using Ono-Kondo equation.
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