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Trac D. Tran Delivers Inaugural Professorial Lecture

June 10, 2014

Processing signals in the sparsified domain is much faster, simpler, and more robust than in the original domain, and Professor Tran has chronicled the quest for a deeper understanding of this extremely powerful concept and its role in numerous classical signal and information processing applications.

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Student walking up staircase engineered to play musical notes

Piano Staircase

June 3, 2014

Taking the stairs is good for heart health, doctors say. At Johns Hopkins University’s Hackerman Hall, it can also improve your mood. A flight of steps on the building’s north side was recently transformed into a giant piano of sorts that serenades—and sometimes surprises—with a burst of notes as people walk from the first floor to the second (or vice versa).

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Man using light to write the word "speed"

Breaking Speed Records

June 2, 2014

How can you measure and process data at blistering speeds hundreds of times faster than is possible now? That question drives the research of Mark Foster, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Whiting School.

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