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10/27/2014: Pablo Iglesias assists in devising a system for observing response of cellular control

October 27, 2014

Numerous models explain how cells sense and migrate towards shallow chemoattractant gradients. Studies show that an excitable signal transduction network acts as a pacemaker that controls the cytoskeleton to drive motility. Here we show that this network is required to link stimuli to actin polymerization and chemotactic motility and we distinguish the various models of chemotaxis.

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Sanjeev Khudanpur speaks on teaching machines to learn languages

October 13, 2014

Sanjeev Khudanpur tells this story: When IBM was making mainframe computers in the 1960s, an idea took hold. The idea was that if computers could be taught to process language— human spoken English, French, German, Japanese, not just lines of computer code—great things would follow. So language processing became a substantial discipline in computer engineering.

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