Undergraduate Research Opportunities

2018 Design Day

Students demonstrate enhancements for day-to-day life and solutions to real-world problems.

2017 Design Day

Students display recent research at Johns Hopkins University's annual event.

Undergraduates in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have opportunities to gain research experience in the labs of our world-renowned faculty.

Below is a list of undergraduates currently involved in research projects in faculty labs, as well as research projects that require undergraduate assistance. For open research opportunities for undergraduates, please click on the Research Opportunities panel.

(Updated 03/15/2017)

    • Alex Bocchieri | Junior
    • Dan Vressilovic  | Junior
      • Advisor: Brinton Cooper
      • Optical ray-tracing in small silicon cavities
    • Arpad Neale | Sophmore
      • Advisor: Brinton Cooper
      • Optical ray-tracing in small silicon cavities
    • Laura Chicos | Sophomore
    •  Max Basescu | Junior
      • Advisor: Noah Cowan
      • Active Sensing in Weakly Electric Fish
    • Kevin Chang | Junior
      • Advisor: Noah Cowan
      • Flow Sensing in Zebrafish and Weakly Electric Fish
    • Mary Theresa Nahill | Senior
      • Advisor: Noah Cowan
      • Tactile Sensing in Cockroaches
    • Andre Raus | Junior
      • Advisor: Noah Cowan
      • Tactile Sensing in Cockroaches
    • Zhuolun Wang| Sophomore
      • Advisor: Noah Cowan
      • Active Sensing in Weakly Electric Fish
    • Mathew Ma | Junior
      • Advisor: Noah Cowan
      • Tactile Sensing in Cockroaches
    • Audrey Chang |
      • Advisor: Mounya Elhilali
      • Use of high-level statistics in sound processing
    • Chris Simmons | Senior
      • Advisor: Ralph Etienne-Cummings
      • Designing an Eye Tracking System within Virtual Reality for Saliency Validation
    • Sherry Chiu | Sophomore
      • Advisor: Ralph Etienne-Cummings
      • Design and Fabrication of miniaturized PCB coils for implant wireless powering
    • Samantha Wang | Junior
    • Duncan Parke | High School student
    • Chetan Singh Thakur |
    • Aurik Sarker | Junior
      • Advisor: Enrique Mallada Garcia
      • Voltage collapse stabilization in power systems using demand response
    • Jesse Rines | Senior
      • Advisor: Enrique Mallada Garcia
      • Voltage collapse stabilization in power systems using demand response
    • Seal-bin Han | Senior
      • Advisor: Jin Kang
      • Light Therapy Devices
    • Yeyi Yun | Senior
      • Advisor: Jerry Prince
      • Collaborative SDOCT Segmentation and Analysis Software
    • Nicholas Duncan | Senior
      • Advisor: Susanna Thon
      • Characterization and Synthesis of Defect-Free Colloidal Quantum Dot Films for Optoelectronics
    • Gary Qian | Junior
      • Advisor: Susanna Thon
      • Room-Temperature Composite Transparent Electrodes for Solution-Processed
    • Garret Ung | Sophomore
      • Advisor: Susanna Thon
      • Flexible Integrated Concentrator Lenses for Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cells
  • Below is a list of available research opportunities for undergraduates. Please contact the faculty advisor listed for more information.

    • Understanding the optimality gap of power system’s market and control architecture
    • Various Topics
    • Medical Imaging and Optics
    • Localizing eloquent cortex via dynamic network analysis
    • Extracting predictive biomarkers of seizures in epilepsy patients
    • Modeling speech patterns related to human perception
    • Active Sensing in Weakly Electric Fish
      • Advisor: Noah J. Cowan 
      • Lab: LIMBS lab
      • Project Description:  Active Sensing is the expenditure of energy—often in the form of movement—for the purpose of sensing. For example, when you sense the texture of an object, versus estimating its weight, you perform different hand motions.  Our goal in this project is to analyze the active sensing behavior in weakly electric fish. The student researcher will be involved in biological experimentation using our custom-real-time, closed-loop experimental system. In addition he or she will perform data analysis, system programming, and hopefully mathematical modeling of active sensing behavior. Desired Skills: Linear algebra and differential equations. Some knowledge of dynamical systems and control theory is highly desirable. Also, knowledge of Matlab or another language (C, C++, Python). No specific experimental background in biological systems is required, but a lack of fear of getting into the lab (with mentorship) and performing non-invasive behavior experiments on live animals (specifically, fish) is essential.
    • Medical Imaging Projects
      • Seeking one or more undergrad or graduate interns for medical imaging projects
      • Interest and background in basic image processing is preferred. Prior experience with Matlab is required. Background in kinematics from either physics or engineering classes is specifically sought, as one project involves estimation of motion from medical image sequences.
      • Send resume to Prof. Jerry Prince (with a CC to Laura Granite)
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