Design Day Presenter Information

  • The individual or group will present the project for demonstration and produce a poster that will summarize the project and display the results which will be mounted on a 32” X 40” poster board and set on an art easel next to the design.
  • The poster should be created and saved in Microsoft Power Point. Poster Printing is available on a first come first serve basis and will be located in Barton 123. Please make sure to sign in to the log book prior to printing. If assistance is needed, please contact Ramesh or Janel Johnson for assistance.
    Please anticipate printing to take 30 minutes or longer depending on the file and poster size.
  • 1.  Once your poster is completed and saved in Microsoft Power Point file, please bring a USB with the file to Barton 123.

    2.  Sign in at the Log book.  Please make sure to also place your faculty sponsor on the log as well.

    3.  Insert USB into the computer and pull up the file.

    4.  Select FILE then PRINT.

    5.  Under Printer select PRINTER PROPERTIES.

    6. Paper/Quality Tab choose Custom under Paper options.  Type in 40 X 32 for the measurements.

    7.  Under the Effects tab choose second option of PRINT DOCUMENT ON and choose Custom 1 40 x 32.

    8. Under Finishing tab make sure to choose the option of Landscape.

    9.  Select OK and then PRINT.

    The poster will finish printing within 30 minutes.  Please make sure you retrieve the poster in that amount of time or make arrangements to have someone else pick up the poster for you.

    For a complete version of the instructions click HERE.

    Please Note:  The background of the poster must be in white for it to print properly.



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