Graduate Life

  • Student Lounge
    Student Lounge 3Jacob Suter Jammer Professor and previous Chairman of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Jin U. Kang, had a concept to bring both the undergraduates and graduates together in a specific space where they could actively collaborate and study to foster education and research. The student lounge in the department has served as the community space for students in the department since 2010. It was renovated in 2016 to better serve student needs and foster greater collaboration.

    Student Lab
    Electrical & Computer Engineering undergraduate and graduate students have unlimited access to the Student Laboratory which is equipped with computer work stations that allow students to work independently or collectively with other students. Other available equipment include a printer, scanner, and a multitude of internet ports and electrical outlets.

  • We work to cultivate contacts between our students and industry, with the goal of placing our graduates into challenging and fulfilling positions where they can utilize their excellent academic background to further today’s as well as tomorrow’s business objectives.

    As the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, we focus primarily on development, management, and research positions in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Keep an eye on our Jobs and Internships page for new opportunities.

    We also maintain close contact with related programs, departments, and institutes on campus, including the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In addition, we cooperate with the Johns Hopkins Career Center for campus-wide job postings, resume drops, as well as in arranging campus visits. We also work closely with the Johns Hopkins APL (Applied Physics Laboratory) who are dedicated to solving complex problems that present critical challenges in society.

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