Hynek Hermansky

Julian S. Smith Professor

Primary Appointment: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Research Interests:

  • Detect, identify, classify and transmit information in speech

Hynek Hermansky works on design and development of engineering systems that would reliably detect, identify, classify, encode, transmit and reconstruct information contained in sensory signals. His current main research interest is in bio-inspired methods for dealing with unexpected data. He is affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing, where he serves as its Director, and with the Center of Excellence on Human Language Technology. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and of International Speech Communication Association from whom he received the 2013 Medal for Scientific Achievement. Hynek was awarded his Dr. Eng. degree from the University of Tokyo.

Awards and Honors

2013 International Speech Communication Association Medal for Scientific Achievement


Secondary Appointment: Director of Center for Language and Speech Processing


Other Publications
  • Elhilali, M., Hermansky, H., Andreou, A., Anderson, D., Vasilaki, E., Slaney, M., Lewicki, M., Mesgarani, N., Duangudom, T., Shamma, S. A. (2004).  Designing a biological key-word spotting system.  Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, Telluride, CO.
  • Andreou, A., Hermansky, H., Kamm, T., Luettin, J., Minami, Y., Wellekens, C., Fain, D., Vuren, S. v. (1997).  Acoustic processing/modeling group: exploring the time dimension at different scales.
Conference Proceedings
  • Garcia-Romero, D., Zhou, X., Zotkin, D., Srinivasan, B., Luo, Y., Ganapathy, S., Thomas, S., Nemala, S., G. S. V. S. Sivaram., Mirbagheri, M., Mallidi, S. H., Janu, T., Rajan, P., Mesgarani, N., Elhilali, M., Hermansky, H., Shamma, S., Duraiswami, R. (2012).  The UMD-JHU 2011 speaker recognition system.  Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP).  4229-4232.
  • G. S. V. S. Sivaram., Nemala, S. K., Elhilali, M., Tran, T., Hermansky, H. (2010).  Sparse coding for speech recognition.  Proceedings of the Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP).  4346-4349.
  • Mesgarani, N., Sivaram, G., Nemala, S., Elhilali, M., Hermansky, H. (2009).  Discriminant Spectrotemporal Features for Phoneme Recognition.  Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH).
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