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Congratulations to the Johns Hopkins University ECE Class of 2020!

This page has been put together to celebrate and honor everyone who has earned a degree from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2020! Scroll down to meet the Class of 2020, read some of their favorite quotes, view a slideshow highlighting their time at Johns Hopkins University, and find out what their post graduation plans are!

Also, if graduates would like to submit more info to be featured on the page – like a favorite quote, new picture, or their future plans – please email Wick Eisenberg with the subject line “ECE Graduation Page Info.”

A Message from ECE Department Chair Ralph Etienne-Cummings

Undergraduate Class of 2020


Master’s Class of 2020


PhD Class of 2020

Thoughts on JHU or Favorite JHU Memory

Jose Cardelle (UG): “My favorite JHU memory is going to Najim’s house for a barbecue with Pedro and other ECE students.”

Travis Chan (UG): “In Spring 2019, I took a course called “Electronics Design Lab” where Jack Ravekes, Luke Robinson, and I built a system to check people’s strength training form. After the class was over, Thomas Keady and I developed the project further and eventually we ended up winning a free trip to Beijing as part of an international hackathon where we placed second overall. The competition and the sightseeing were a ton of fun and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. This wouldn’t have been possible if my professor hadn’t given us the freedom to work on projects we’re interested in.”

Eliza Cohn (UG): “My favorite memory is definitely anytime I’ve walked into the student lounge and unexpectedly ran into friends or free food!”

Haoshuai Ding (MS): “Walking and breathing on the beautiful lawn in the Homewood Campus after studying in the library near end of a semester working with teammates to finish the class project makes the tiredness just go away. The campus just simply stays there and magically eases my mind.”

Ziyan Jiang (MS): “I’m so grateful for my journey here at JHU. Grateful for the instructions of all the professors and lab members. Grateful for the time with all my friends, studying together and playing together.”

Michael Kalanik (UG): “When we made it to the final four with the football team.”

Brandon Lax (UG): “One of my favorite memories was building the elevator in DSF. My year, they wanted to design more elevators  and it was really cool to be able to take apart a K’nex motor and try to wire it into the circuit.”

Nagaraj Mahajan (PhD): “I’d like to thank Hopkins for giving me a home away from home for the last six years. I learned a lot from the professors in both the ECE and PBS departments during my stay here. I’m so very glad I decided to pursue my PhD at Hopkins. It gave me the freedom to pursue interdisciplinary research and truly explore my interests with no limitations. I will cherish everything I have learnt by working with my advisors, Dr. Shreesh Mysore and Dr. Hynek Hermansky. They have inspired me to become a good researcher and encouraged me to follow my passion. I’ve also made some wonderful friends during my stay here and I’m taking with me great memories that will stay with me for a long time.”

Akshay Rangamani (PhD): “I was fortunate to have ECE at JHU as my intellectual home for the past six years. Dr. Trac Tran’s guidance and mentoring was crucial to me obtaining my PhD. I also could not imagine getting through my graduate years without a community as stimulating and supportive as the ECE department. From academic and social conversations with lab mates and fellow grad students, to the openness of other faculty in the department, to the foundational support of all the staff, I cannot thank the community enough.”

Jiamin Xie (MS): “Two of my favorite memories to share will be, ‘I was not a regular runner, but it all started from this 5k run,’ and ‘when you know it is time to have some fun after finishing the poster.'”


Favorite Quotes

Travis Chan (UG): “Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney.

Junjun Chen (UG): “By failing well, I mean being able to experience painful failures that provide big learnings without failing badly enough to get knocked out of the game.” – Ray Dalio.

Patrick Kelly (UG): “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies.” – Andy Dufresne.

Isaac Mears (UG): “Don’t mess with ECE, it Megahertz.” – ECE department t-shirt.

Pramuditha Perera (PhD): “All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Thomas Fuller.


Future Plans

Travis Chan (UG): Moving to Manhattan to start working for Bloomberg as a software engineer while exploring passion projects on the side.

Junjun Chen (UG): I’m extremely lucky and grateful to be admitted to our master program and I will spend next year acquiring more ECE knowledge. In the meantime, I will also keep running my startup, and hopefully will begin a seed round fundraising.

Eliza Cohn (UG): Moving to Raleigh, NC to work in healthcare.

Kevin Gilboy (MS): Moving to Boston to begin work at DePuy Synthes (Johnson and Johnson subsidiary), where I will be a robotics R&D engineer in their Leadership Development Program working on new orthopedic surgery robot platforms.

Isaac Mears (UG): Working as a software/electrical engineer at a company called G3 Technologies.

Pramuditha Perera (PhD): Joining Amazon AWS as an applied scientist in June.



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