Message from the Chair

No 8

Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Professor and Chair

In 2013, we celebrated the 100th year of electrical engineering at the Johns Hopkins University. We started with a humble beginning in 1887, as an “applied electricity” program offered through the Department of Physics, under the guidance of Professor Henry Rowland, and eventually became the Electrical Engineering Program as one of three programs within the Department of Engineering in 1913.

Since then our world-renowned professors have been leading research in the areas of medical imaging, speech and language processing and understanding, control theory, intelligent sensors, brain-like computer design, bio-inspired robotics and neuroprosthetics, biophotonics, ultrafast photonics, and renewable energy devices, just to name a few.

We are constantly recruiting and hiring future leaders of their respective fields to educate and train our undergraduate and graduate students. The department has more than 50 faculty members, including research, adjunct, and courtesy faculty. Our education and research missions are enhanced by collaborations with other departments–such as Civil Engineering, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering–to establish a new undergraduate program in Energy/Power Engineering.

Educating students is the main objective of our department. We believe the best way to achieve this is to expose our students to the scholastically and societally important questions being researched by our faculty. We strive to pair each undergraduate student with a research laboratory and/or involve them in significant hands-on ECE team projects in which teams, including freshmen to seniors, build complex systems using in-depth engineering principles, modern design and execution tools, and real-life validation and application environments. These projects promote cooperation and team-based problem solving, leadership, and mentoring, while exposing students to engineering best practices that are invaluable for any succeeding career choice. Furthermore, we value interdisciplinary research and activities that allow our students to interact and learn from their peers from other departments.

I hope you have a chance to visit us and talk to our faculty and students to learn about all the exciting opportunities we offer. To do that, please call the ECE department office, 410-516-7031, so we can help you to make the arrangements. I look forward to meeting you at the Johns Hopkins University soon!


Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Professor and Chair

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