Undergraduate Students: Spots are Still Available on Design Team Project

February 4, 2019

There are two spaces available for students to join the ECE Design Team, “Project Blindside: Electronic Tracking System for Construction Workers Around Heavy Equipment.” This device will potentially save dozens of lives of those working in hazardous conditions every year, and it has already been granted a patent. The project is already in its advanced stages, and you will be giving its finishing touches. This course, EN.520.453(05) Advanced ECE Engineering Team Project, will count as 3 credits towards your advanced lab requirement.

The earlier teams, co-advised by ECE alumnus and JHU-ISI Executive Director Dr. Anton Dahbura and sponsored by the Cohen Fund, have built a prototype of Dr. Dahbura’s patented invention. The prototype is based on low-power BlueTooth™ beacons embedded in workers’ hardhats to perform position estimation by triangulation to warn a heavy-equipment operator about the presence of workers in the equipment’s blind spots. Previous years’ team experimented with triangulating beacon signals and built low-cost receivers networked with a display/user-interface.

Only two students will be selected from the ECE and/or CS departments. Students should be well experienced with Signal Processing and C/Python programming. Those familiar with Arduino/Raspberry Pi type electronics and Bluetooth will have an added advantage. Interested students should have at least one advanced level signal processing course prior to this lab. Additionally, ECE students should have had at least one advanced electronics course. You may also have to work in an environment with heavy equipment, such as the one shown below.

For more information and/or to join in this project, please e-mail the Senior Lab Coordinator, Sathappan Ramesh, at sramesh@jhu.edu.

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