Weekly Report

Writing your Weekly Report

You will write a weekly project report.  This report will also be in the format of an IEEE Journal paper.  The plan is for you to start filling in the content of the paper so that when you get to the end of the semester, your final paper is mostly written.  You will include the sections that are usuall present in a Journal article (i.e. title, abstract, introduction, approach, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgement, references and biographs; see attached example), however, you will also include a section that provides a narative of your accomplishiment for the week and plans for the next.  As the narrative solidifies, you can move the content to the body of the paper.  You will bring a paper copy of the report to the class so we can discuss during our consultation.

Weekly Report Format

It should follow the IEEE Journal format.  The zip file below includes a LaTex and Microsoft Word template for an IEEE Journal format.  It also includes a sample journal paper.  Your weekly report should look and follow this exact format.

IEEE Journal Template