Current Projects: 

Spatio-temporal Compressive sensing Active Pixel Sensor (SCAPS)
A low power high frame rate camera with improved SNR and motion blur.

Wireless Biotelemetry Using Ultra-wideband Communications
Design/Test an implantable UWB wireless transceiver and antenna used for biotelemetry.

Closed-loop Compressed Sensing System for Neural Recording
Recovery algorithm, sensing matrix design, dictionary learning and circuit design for an energy efficient compressed sensing system for neural recording.

Dynamic Proto-object Based Visual Saliency Model
A bottom-up, object-based saliency model that considers temporal change for computing a dynamic visual saliency map.

Integrate-and-Fire Array Transceiver for Image Processing
Neuromorphic chip using an event-based communication protocol for performing image processing tasks for aerial vehicles under low-power and small-size constraints.

Active Ultrasound Pattern Injection System (AUSPIS)
An ultrasound tool tracking system with active echo elements, mid-plane detection, time/frequency modulation and arbitrary pattern injection functions.

A “micro-bead” that allows for neural recording, stimulation and telemetry
A micro-scale implantable bead that is small enough (<100 µm in diameter) so that multiple devices, potentially swarms of them, can be “injected” into the brain at different locations for neural recording and stimulation.

Bidirectional Neuroprostheses
Design of a neuroprosthetic device that will re-enable locomotion in paraplegic individuals

Bio-Processing Microsystem
Design and implementation of a bio-processing microsystem

Past Projects: 

Color Glove for the Blind
Development of a color glove that allows the visually-impaired to sense color from their finger tips

Estimating Salience Using Wavelet Domain Entropy
A saliency model that estimates salience (the likelihood of attention) based on the entropy in an image

High sensitivity imagers for functional imaging
Design and implementation of a CMOS imager for head-mounted functional imaging in awake and behaving animals.

Integrate-and-Fire Array Transceiver
An array of integrate and fire silicon neurons with an Address-Event Representation (AER) interface.

Mobile Vision Enhancement System
Human factors in the design of vision enhancement systems

Motor Controller
Design of a reconfigurable and adaptive integrated microcontroller for minimally invasive surgery

Neural Cross Correlation Engine
Design of a low-power neuromorphic circuit that uses silicon neurons to produce a cross-correlation function for a pair of input signals

Neuromorphic Object Recognition
Design of an autonomous, continuous-time visual system that emulates object recognition in the primate visual cortex.

Normal Optical Flow Imager
A CMOS imager that computes the optical flow of the image.

Optical Flow for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation
Using a two dimensional optical flow sensor to aid navigation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in GPS denied environments

Optimization of Neural Networks
Configuring spiking neural networks using genetic algorithms

Single-Chip Stereo Imager
A stereo vision IC, including two APS imagers and video-rate depth-computation circuitry on one chip.

Single Ping Ultrasonic Scene Mapping
Development of an ultrasonic echolocation sensor for use on board a micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Ultrasonic Imaging Array
Design and optimization of a tissue specific ultrasonic transducer micro-array