EDL Project Pitches – Spring 2016

Downalod Project Pitches (Spring 2016)

1 Patrick Ou Non Invasive Glucose Monitor
2 Jeffrey Sham Motion Detection Security System
3 Kevin Yee Bomb Detection Robot
4 Andie Seabrooke Reading Room Chair Availiability
5 Christopher Kulawik Smart Coffee Mug
6 Grant Kitchen Key Finder
7 Nicole Ortega Gesture Activated Smart Mirror
8 Michael Patti Dump the Pump
9 George Thomas The Infinite Board Game
10 Aurin Chakravarty SparkMotion Motion Powered Phone Case Charger
11 Haoran Xu Humidifier with Humidity Sensor
12 Vivek Netrakanti Hand Motion Volume Control
13 Gabriel Giraldo-Wingler Passive RF Locator Stickers
14 Edmund Connor 21st Century Intercom System
15 Daniel Johnson Smart Sensors to Monitor People in the House
16 Rodolfo Finocchi Seeing Eye Robot for the Visually Impaired
17 Geoffrey Gao Cervical Consistency Index Tool for Preterm Labor
18 Rowan Cade The Smart Cooler
19 Angelica Herrera The Automatic Light Switch
20 Rosalind Dempsey Remote Phone Volume Adjuster
21 David Barbehenn Wifi Strength Mapper
22 Matt Beutler RoboChalk – The Chalk Drawing Robot
23 Akhil Vasvani Umbrella Light Stand
24 Zacharias Papazachariou R2-Drink2
25 Anthonie Best Multi Vision Goggles
26 Siham Elmali Low Power Automated Irrigation System
27 Samuel Ng Stand Walk Run Compressible Passing Assistant
28 James Charles Bluetooth Smart Lock
29 Brian Medrano Dynamic Showerhead
30 Andrew Rauch Location Targeting Speaker System
31 Jason Jin Multiple Phones to Single Speaker
32 Ruta Patel Laundry Machine Status and Reservation System
33 Yuanwei Zhao Oculus Remote Control Car
34 Yixiao Qu Classroom Light Controller
35 Bailey Surtees Tagging Surgical Instruments
36 Chi Young Shin 3D-Printed Trans-Humeral Prosthetic Arm
37 Andie Seabrooke Automated Plant Watering System
38 Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings locating fishing device in water
39 Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings hearing aid for patients that can’t hear certain frequency range
40 Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings VR systems, vehicle that looks around.