EDL Project Pitches – Spring 2015

Downalod Project Pitches (Spring 2015)

1 Adam Khalifa Low-Power, Compact, Wirelessly powered Stimulator Chip
2 Alexander Simonelli Motion Sensing Gloves
3 Alia Nasrallah Reading Glasses for the Blind
4 Allie Hong Ultrasonic Rangefinder Volume Adjuster
5 Aman Shah Active Biofeedback for Behavior Modification and Athlete Retraining
6 Andrew Dykman The doork alarm;  The multidirectional fireball launcher
7 Andrew Dykman, Max Yelsky robot that follows behind a person or other moving target
8 Anthony Pergola smartphone connected cooking thermometer.
9 Brennan Schneider emergency sleep detection device
10 Corbyn Yhap Self Heating Jacket
11 Ed Bryner empty glass detection; electronic car cover
12 Eric Kelley Piano: Recording and physical playback device.
13 Eric Zhu The Step Charger
14 Ernest So Asynchronous Time-Based Image Sensor
15 Ethan Bennis hydrophone array for underwater mammal monitoring
16 Frank “Chas” Forelle Lightweight Electric Scooter
17 Garren Angacian Cheap Alternative to Alarm Clock Pill Box
18 Hansong Li universal card shuffling system
19 Ian McLane Music-Enabled Pedometer for Running Music
20 Ibukun-Oluwa Kemiki Interactive Doorbell
21 Jason Cheu Innovation for Farmers in Developing Countries
22 Jason Gallagher Skateboard/Action Sport Tracker
23 Justin Gilston electronic bill
24 Lara Gatehouse microphone that automatically adjusts its projecting volume
25 Leela Subramaniam Automatic Plant Watering system
26 Lydia Carroll An Affordable Prosthetic with Feedback
27 Max Yelsky Accessible LIDAR Detection System
28 Mitchell Sacks external oscilloscope controls.
29 Nicholas Wood Bike Phone charger
30 Nick Uebele Multi-note tuner for identification and correction of chords
31 Olabimpe Ogunmoyero VIRTUAL PROSTHETIC
32 Peter Tanaka Auto dancing man
33 Phillip Espinoza Hospitality Service Facilitation Using Force-Sensing Resistors
34 Raymond Tuazon Pulse Panels:
35 Richard Li Internet Enabled Coffee Machine
36 Rose Wall Mini RC Sub
37 Ruchi Gondalia Passit
38 Ryan Walter Cheap, Custom Upper-Limb Prostheses to Reduce Rejection Rates
39 Sachi Sanghavi Lap Timer for Swimmers
40 Sachi Sanghavi Gait Tracking Shoe
41 Sushant Murthy Low Cost Turbidimeter
42 Taylor Birdsall tracking/booking system for Blue Jay Shuttle, GPS sensor on shuttles connect to mobile app / website
43 Tobeeb Lawal Stationery Drone used to monitor test takers
44 Troy Sarpen Precision Distance Tracker.
45 Tyler TerBush Slouch Detector
46 Vincent Huang phone location based starting device
47 Xiaoyang Shen air quality/dryness detecting device
48 Yexin Cao A smart car that can avoid the obstacles by itself.
49 Yici Jing Handheld multimedia console
50 Zhuo (Ben) Zhang SoundFlower
51 Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings locating fishing device in water
52 Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings hearing aid for patients that can’t hear certain frequency range
53 Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings VR systems, vehicle that looks around.