ECE520.448/738 (Advanced) Electronics Design Lab


Spring 2017 Class Meeting Time:

Lecture:  Shaffer 304 W 4:30 – 5:30 PM

Lab:  Barton 123, F 1:00PM – 4:50PM


Dr. Ralph Etienne-Cummings

Office: 401 Barton Hall & 105 Barton Hall

Dr. Pedro Julián

Teaching Assistants:

Tao Xiong- Office: Barton 401 Email:

John Rattray – Office: Barton 401 Email:


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Course Description:

520.448:  This course is only open to Seniors, Juniors intending to graduate before Spring 2013, and Juniors in special programs such as the 5 year Masters Program.  This will be a strictly project based class. The projects will cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from image analysis and processing, through robotics control to VLSI design.  All projects will require a heavy dose of computer usage (programming and simulation) and/or software/hardware design/implementation.  The lectures will present background information on all the ideas we will encounter in the projects.  

520.738:  This course is for Graduate Students only.  This course is the graduate expansion of the 520.448 Electronic Design Lab, which is an advanced laboratory course in which teams of students design, build, test, and document application specific information processing microsystems. Semester long projects range from sensors/actuators, mixed signal electronics, embedded microcomputers, algorithms and robotics systems design. Demonstration and documentation of projects are important aspects of the evaluation process. For this graduate expansion, all projects will be based on recently published research from IEEE Transactions. The students will be required to fully research, analyze, implement and demonstrate their chosen topic. The emphasis will be on VLSI microsystems, although other topics will also be considered.

Class Handouts:

PIC Development and Programming: pic presentation.pdf


Basic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

Arduino Tutorials

FPGA Development Boards

Opal Kelley XEM serials: Opal Kelley products has robust API for communication, configuration and interface with PC, Linux and MAC.

Agilient FPGA system boards: Agilient products are excellent for System-on-Chip application integrating Microblaze core or the ARM processor.

*Please talk to the TAs if you are thinking about using FPGAs.

Image Processing:

Digital Image Processing, R. Gonzalez, 1992

Robot Vision, B. Horn, 1982

Vision, D. Marr, 1980

Various IEEE Transactions and Journals, Int. J. Computer Vision, etc.


The Art of Electronics, Horowitz and Hill, 1989 (old but good)

PIC Manual, MicroChip Inc.

Various IEEE Transactions and Journals

Robotics Systems:

Pioneer 2CE Manual, Active Media Robotics, 1998

Iguana Robotics Snappy Manual, 2004

Various IEEE Transactions and Journal, Autonomous Robots, J. Biocybernetics, etc.

Custom Chip Documentation:

Various journal articles, conference papers and reports.  


CADENCE ICFB VLSI design tools (schematic, layout, simulation, etc.)

LABVIEW instrument controllers and data Acquisition


PCB design tools (Protel, TraxMaker, markers and acid, etc.)

SAPHIRA Pioneer 2 Control Software

Visual C/C++ Development Kit

Course Grading:

Weekly Reports (1 page written)             25%

1/2 Hour Mid-Term Lecture                      25%

Final Demo, Poster and Report:              50%

Grading Policy:

90% or above                                        A

80% to 89%                                          B

65% to 79%                                          C

45% to 64%                                          D

44% or below                                        F