The Cohen Translational Engineering Fund

The Cohen Translational Engineering fund, available to Whiting School of Engineering faculty and made possible by a generous commitment from Neil Cohen ’83 and his wife, Sherry, is aimed at providing faculty with the critical early funding needed to focus on the first steps of translation. It will underwrite the cost of two to three months of expenses.

The fund supports the initial stage of innovation that moves research out of the laboratory, including the development of new WSE patents, and a range of critical needs—from materials and supplies to graduate student stipends and tuition.

Applications must be submitted by Friday, March 15, 2019.

Submit an application

Application Process

  • Applications from WSE faculty are submitted to the Office of the Dean. Applications must be submitted online.
  • To be considered for a Cohen Translational Engineering Fund grant, your project must meet the following criteria:
    • It must be formally disclosed to Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures and assigned an invention disclosure number (e.g. C12345).
    • The invention must not be the subject of any pre-existing exclusive licenses, non-exclusive licenses, or options.
    • At least one of the inventors (not necessarily the primary inventor) must hold a faculty appointment in the Whiting School of Engineering and have listed the respective Whiting School of Engineering department as the primary department associated with the submitted project under the inventor contact invention portion of the invention disclosure form.
  • Applications must include the following information:
    • Description of the invention/existing intellectual property. Describe the specific problem you are trying to solve, and a technical description of your solution. Additional information should describe any studies or data generated as well as any intellectual property secured for the technology.
    • Application of Technology/Market Assessment. Describe the size of the potential market in terms of number of units, the average cost per unit (which can be used to compute the total market size), and an estimated annual growth rate of these numbers. If possible, describe the technologies potential product form as well as future potential customers.
    • Project Description & Milestones. Describe the general research plan, including materials to be purchased and the work to be accomplished. Please also include detailed milestones, with an amount of time and estimated funding associated with each milestone.
    • Provide a Detailed Budget. Provide a budget that includes materials and labor costs associated with the research plan. Please note that if the research plan is slated to be conducted during the regular academic year, you may not include faculty salary support
  • Once your application is submitted, please expect to receive an email within 48 hours acknowledging receipt of your application.
  • Your application will be sent to be evaluated by an Advisory Board made up of outside experts with many years of experience in the private sector.
  • Additionally, at the Advisory Board meeting, a member of the development team will be expected to present a short presentation on their submitted project to the Board as well as answer some questions from Board. As this is a Whiting School of Engineering faculty award it is preferable that the presenting member be faculty.
  • After your application is evaluated by the Board, you will be contacted within two weeks to discuss any refinements to your application that are needed. Each section of your application will be evaluated according to these criteria.
  • If your application for funding is approved, you will meet with the representatives from Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures Office for a concluding meeting at the end of the project and also work with them to complete a one page marketing summary in order to help build momentum for the project through outreach to other potential funding sources or potential licensees.
  • As part of the Cohen Fund Award you will be encouraged to work with Tech Ventures to identify if a business mentor might be useful to help advance your business thesis during the duration of the award. You will also be encouraged to participate in entrepreneurial training activities where appropriate such as Customer Discovery Training (iCORP).

For further information, please contact Benjamin Gibson.

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