Oral Presentations Contest

banner_competitions_events[1]Ian Han Wins $1,000 Grand Prize in the Oral Presentation Contest

In an effort to provide a venue for JHU students to demonstrate  their creativity, problem-solving ability and persuasive oratory skills, the Center for Leadership Education held its first annual Oral Presentations Contest on November 16 in Charles Commons.

The theme for the contest was “What will be in the baseball diamond space in ten years?” This idea originated from the ongoing question about what the University has in store for the open spaces  on campus.  Jim Miller, a University architect here at Hopkins, gave an overview about the immediate plans for the baseball diamond, which is to convert it to a turf field. The question remains, “What will be baseball diamond be in the long term?” Many students, including some Hopkins athletes were in the audience and were very interested to hear the plans for the baseball diamond for the near and distant futures.

Former Director of CLE, Tim Weihs, and Professional Communication Director, Julie Reiser, opened the evening’s ceremonies by introducing contestants Emily Nink, Chris Corbett, Ann Pigula, Alexandra Larsen and Ian Han.  The panel of judges included CLE faculty Eric Rice, Pam Sheff, Josianne Pennington and Kevin Dungey, Jim Miller and BME graduate student, Neil O’Donnell.

Ian Han won for his presentation skills and his idea of placing a student union on the baseball diamond. Ian also won a $50 Visa gift card for “Audience Favorite.” Winners of the $25 drawing for Visa gift cards were Evan Tassis and John Corbett.

Thank you to all contestants, finalists, judges and audience members for participating in such an exciting event!

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