Social Entrepreneurship

banner_beyond_classroom[1]CLE is proud to sponsor a number of organizations which seek to promote social goals both locally and abroad.

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand builds off of Johns Hopkins University and Yo! Academy’s partnership in Building Bright Ideas. The students in this program identified issues such as increased youth violence and drug use in their neighborhoods resulting from the closure of local recreational centers. The students expressed a desire for an after-school program that would constructively support the long term personal growth and development of their peers. A Helping Hand was inspired by this vision, and is now a 10-week leadership education course for young people in Baltimore that covers money management, entrepreneurship, public speaking, resume building, identity, self-esteem, decision-making and more. A Helping Hand will launch this Spring.

Hopkins And1

Hopkins AND1 aims to tutor high school student athletes of all skill sets in both their homework and standardized testing so as to increase their chances of being accepted to, and succeeding in, college. Through a simple, focused, interactive program curriculum, Johns Hopkins University student tutors work directly with high school student athletes to prepare them for college and teach them effective studying habits. Hopkins AND1 tutors help student athletes with all subject matters to increase their chances of gaining NCAA eligibility. AND1 tutors implement a combination of homework assistance and SAT/ACT practice and preparation one day a week for the entire school year. With consistent progress reports and weekly practice on basic math, reading and writing skills, AND1 tutors will be able to gauge the improvement of each student.

Social Investment Outreach (SIO)

Social Investment Outreach (SIO) works to promote sustainable development and alleviate poverty through the empowerment of people, both internationally and in our own backyard.  Members go on micro-finance brigades to places like Honduras and Panama, develop socially conscious finance lessons for middle school students in Baltimore with the “Stocks in the Future” program, fundraise to give micro-loans internationally through KIVA, and more!

Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations (SCNO)

Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations (SCNO) is a national organization of undergraduate students committed to developing communities through pro bono consulting engagements with non-profit organizations. The Johns Hopkins Chapter carries out these engagements with a focus on sustainable business. It believes the future health and success of an organization is equally if not more important than addressing current issues. For more information, please visit:

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