Center for Learning Design & Technology Merger

JHU WSE Center for Learning Design & Technology

The Center for Learning Design (CLD) and Center for Digital and Media Initiatives (CDMI) recently merged into the Center for Learning Design and Technology (CLDT) under the Engineering Business Office (EBO) at the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE). This strategy coincides with Dean Schlesinger’s vision for a more unified WSE and enables us to better support faculty, students, and staff across the school. Combining the CLD and CDMI provides “one door” for the WSE community to access our comprehensive set of services.

What started as a small team based out of the Dorsey Center in Elkridge, Maryland, has now grown to more than 30 people with offices co-located at the Stieff Silver building on the Homewood campus in Baltimore and across the country. The scope of our team’s mission has changed over the years, while we have held true to the early vision—creating and delivering high-quality learning experiences.

Going forward, we will be scaling services, whether in a classroom at Homewood, in an Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), or on a laptop on the other side of the world. We will do this by leveraging our strengths—instructional design, faculty development, educational technology, and media production. Our end goal of providing high-quality learning experiences will expand while some of our methods, technologies, and processes continue to evolve.

We are excited to continue to work with school leadership to achieve its strategic goals, with faculty on implementing research-supported teaching practices, and with students to ensure they have a fantastic learning experience at WSE.

Visit the CLDT website for more information about our services including a revamped support center, knowledge base, and new opportunities from Faculty Forward.

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