Courses in Mechanics of Materials


Civil Engineering

560.728 Stochastic Micromechanics
560.729 Structural Mechanics
560.730 Finite Element Methods
560.733 Computational Plasticity

Mechanical Engineering
530.601 Continuum Mechanics
530.602 Mechanics of Solids
530.612 Computational Solid Mechanics
530.640 Statistical Mechanics and Molecular Dynamics
530.642 Plasticity
530.656 Mechanisms of Deformation and Fracture
530.659 Computational Methods of Eng. Mathematics
530.661 Applied Mathematics for Engineering
520.732 Fracture of Materials
530.748 Stress Waves, Impact and Shocks
530.748 Viscoelasticity
530.757 Nanomechanics
520.761 Mathematical Methods of Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering
510.601 Structures of Materials
510.604 Mechanical Properties of Materials
510.620 Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials
510.657 Materials Science of Thin Films

171.635 Molecular Simulations: Methods and Applications
171.636 Modeling Matter across Mult. Len. and Time Scales

Computer Science
600.426 Programming Languages

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