Visiting Graduate Students and Visiting Graduate Student Scholars

    • If you are a student currently enrolled in a university and you intend to visit Hopkins to take classes, you are classified as a Visiting Graduate Student by Johns Hopkins University. You will be required to pay the $75 application fee.
    • If you are a student currently enrolled in a university and you intend to visit Hopkins for the purpose of performing research only, you are classified as a Visiting Graduate Scholar by Johns Hopkins University. You will not be required to pay the $75 application fee.
    • SPECIAL NOTE: You may see references to “Visiting Scholars” on the Office of International Services website. In most cases, the visiting scholars they are referring to are those who already have their doctorates and are requesting a visiting scientist or visiting professor appointment. This is not the same as the visiting graduate student or graduate student scholar classification.  If you already have your doctorate, and wish to request a visiting scholar appointment with the Civil Engineering Department, please contact Amanda Jackson.
    • If you have questions about your dates of appointment, filling out forms, or general questions, please contact Lisa Wetzelberger at
    • If you experience difficulty with your application, uploading documents, or submitting your final application, please contact Graduate Student Admissions directly at :
    • If you have questions about your visa, financial documentation required, etc., please contact our Office of International Services at
    1. You should have been in contact with a faculty sponsor here in Civil Engineering.  If one of our faculty has agreed to sponsor you, please work with that faculty member to agree on appropriate dates for your arrival and departure as well as the nature of the research you will conduct during your visit.
    2. Appointment Letter: You will need to work with Lisa Wetzelberger, the Academic Program Coordinator, who will prepare your official appointment letter from the Department of Civil Engineering.
    3. Begin your application online HERE using the University’s ApplyYourself system. Click here for downloadable screen shot instructions which you may find helpful.
    4. If you are an international student, and do not have Toefl or IELTS scores, either your faculty sponsor or the Academic Program Coordinator will be contacting you to interview you via video conference. Afterwards, your complete application will be forwarded to our Office of International Services who will then contact you to begin the DS-2019 process.
    5. If you are a Visiting Graduate Student and intend to take classes, you will need to consult with your Faculty Sponsor regarding what classes you should take. Please email the list of courses to Lisa Wetzelberger ( We will handle the enrollment internally, as Visiting Students are not able to enroll online.
  • For additional information and instructions on the visa process, please visit the US Embassy website.
  • Additional information on the Visiting Graduate Student and Graduate Scholar program can be found at:
  • Visiting students are responsible for securing their own housing while at Johns Hopkins. Our Off-Campus Housing website has a wealth of information to help you in your search for off-campus housing.
  • Once you have accepted this offer, please visit our eShip Global website to register for your DS-2019 to be sent express. Once you have accepted our offer, the Office of International Services (OIS) will contact you to request that 1) you complete an electronic Supplemental Information Form (details will follow) and 2) you provide PDF copies of your passport, a recent bank statement, and a copy of your acceptance letter. Visit the OIS website for more information on what happens after you accept our offer. Your DS-2019 should arrive approximately 6 weeks after you complete the SIF form. Visa status questions should be directed to OIS at or
  • Once you have obtained your visa, be sure to communicate with the Academic Program Coordinator, Lisa Wetzelberger, and your faculty sponsor, to update them on the date of your arrival at Johns Hopkins.  Lisa will provide you with additional instructions on steps that must be taken immediately upon arrival on campus.
    • International students must visit the Office of International Services in Garland Hall, Room 328 to check in.
    • Register for the Graduate Research Practicum course EN.990.890(01).  Download the Registration form HERE, fill out completely, have it signed by your faculty sponsor and return it to the Registrar’s Office at Garland Hall, Room 75.  If you have questions about completing the form, see Lisa Wetzelberger.
    • Get your J-Card at the ID Office in Garland Hall, Room 51.
    • Go to Student Accounts in Garland Hall, Room 31, to be sure your health insurance is paid and there are no financial holds on your SIS account.
    • Check in with Lisa Wetzelberger (Latrobe 208) and Amanda Jackson (205).  Get your office keys and J-Card clearance.
    • Visit your faculty sponsor.  It is recommended that you email ahead of time to set up an appointment.
    • Complete this information form once you have found housing arrangements and return this to Lisa Wetzelberger.
  • You may notice “holds” on your SIS account.  Some of these are significant and need to be resolved as soon as possible.  Some just have to do with updating the system with your new address and/or phone number.

    Important Holds That Will Affect Your Visa Status:

    • Student Health & Wellness Center.  You should have received information (in your appointment letter and again separately from the SHWC) regarding the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements.  If you did not upload your forms or properly respond to email requests from the SHWC, they may place a hold on your SIS account which could impact your ability to register for the Graduate Research Practicum course.  Please contact the Student Health & Wellness Center as soon as possible to resolve these issues.

    • Course Registration.  Upon arrival, you must register within 3 days for the Graduate Research Practicum course.  Instructions can be found above in the “Once You Arrive at Hopkins” section above.  Please be sure to do this right away.  If you do not, the Office of International Services will email you to inform you that you are not in compliance with the terms of your J-1 visa and Johns Hopkins policy.
    • Health Insurance.  There may be a hold on your account because you have not paid any or all of the health insurance premium.  Please visit the Registrar’s Office in Garland Hall, Room 51, to resolve this issue.
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