Graduate Seminar: Brian Lattimer

October 12, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm

Thermo-Mechanical Response of Structural Elements due to Non-uniform Fire Exposures

Brian Y. Lattimer, Vice President of RDT&E, JENSEN HUGHES

Fires produce exposures that vary both spatially and temporally. This results in non-uniform heating of structures, which produces three-dimensional response that can only be captured through considering this variation. In order to understand the behavior of structural elements in fires, models and measurements must be capable of accounting for this non-uniform behavior. This talk will describe and demonstrate advanced measurements that fuse thermography and digital image correlation to capture the three-dimensional response of structural elements during fire exposures.  In addition, modeling techniques will be discussed that predict the high temperature thermal response and structural behavior associated with a non-uniform fire exposure. Applications will include aluminum structures and glass reinforced composite materials.

Dr. Brian Lattimer is the Vice President of Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation for JENSEN HUGHES. His research areas include material thermo-structural response in fires, heat transfer from fires, fire dynamics, and fire modeling. He has over 150 technical publications on his research and is Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech in Mechanical Engineering.



The seminar will be held in Hackerman Hall, B-17 on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus.

All civil engineering graduate seminars are FREE and open to the public. Attendance is required for all enrolled Civil Engineering graduate students. For parking please see link for visitors at and select information on Homewood Campus.



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