Courses in the Systems Program


Civil Engineering

560.447 Systems Science for a Dynamic World
560.498 Survey of Systems Engineering Tools
560.640 Advanced Systems Engineering: Concept, Design, Development, and Integration
560.764 Infrastructure Asset Management
560.766 Multi-Hazard Risk Mitigation

Environmental Health and Engineering

570.305 Environmental Engineering Systems Design
570.493 Economic Foundations for Public Decision Making
570.495 Optimization Foundations for Environmental Engineering and Design
570.497 Risk and Decision Analysis
570.605 Interdisciplinary Research Practice in Sustainability and Health
570.607 Energy Planning and Policy Modeling DoGEE
570.608 Data Analytics for Engineering, Policy, and Management DoGEE
570.618 Multiobjective Programming and Planning DoGEE
570.676 Stochastic Programming
570.873 Public Systems & Economics Seminar

Applied Math and Statistics

550.433 Monte Carlo Methods
550.453 Mathematical Game Theory
550.461 Optimization in Finance
550.463 Network Models in Operations Research
550.661 Foundations in Optimization
550.662 Optimization Algorithms
550.666 Combinatorial Optimization
550.723 Markov Chains


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