Courses in the Structures Program

Civil Engineering

560.434 & 560.634    Structural Fire Engineering
560.440 Applied Finite Elements
560.445 Advanced Structural Analysis
560.729 Structural Mechanics
560.730 Finite Element Methods
560.733 Computational Plasticity
560.736 Experimental Methods in Structural Eng.
560.752 Structural Dynamics
560.757 Random Fields
560.758 Random Vibrations
560.760 Structural Stability
560.761 Cold-Formed Steel Structures
560.786 Structural Reliability
560.787 Structural Optimization

Civil Engineering Program for Professionals Adv. Design (Steel, Concrete, Foundations)

Mechanical Engineering
530.605/6 Mechanics of Solids and Materials I/II
530.732 Fracture of Materials

Materials Science and Engineering
510.601 Structures of Materials
510.604 Mechanical Properties of Materials

Applied Math and Statistics
570.661 Applied Math for Engineering (DOGEE)
530.762 Adv. Mathematical Methods of Eng. (MechE) Probability and Statistics Optimization and Operations Research Computational and Applied Mathematics

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