Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule

January 13, 2020

Thursdays @ 10:30-11:30am in Maryland Hall 110

(Reception 10 – 10:30a) (for credit or drop in)

February 6: Dion Vlachos, University of Delaware, Allan & Myra Ferguson Chair of Chemical Engineering

February 20: Natalie Stingelin, Georgia Institute of Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Organic Functional Materials

February 27: Ethan Lippman, Vanderbilt University, Nano Science and Technology, Regenerative Medicine

March 5: Andrea Tao, University of California, San Diego, Nanoengineering

March 12: Zvonimir Dogic, University of California, Santa Barbara, Experimental Soft Matter and Biological Physics

March 26: Enrique Iglesia, [HOLTZ  LECTURER] University of California, Berkeley, Heterogeneous Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering

April 2: Roisin Owens, University of Cambridge, In Vitro Biological Models

April 9: Peter Tessier, University of Michigan, Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences

April 16: Sujit Datta, [CORRSIN LECTURER] Princeton University, Cellular & Tissue Engineering, Complex Materials & Processing

April 23: Manfred Morari, University of Pennsylvania, Electrical and Systems Engineering

April 30: Vincent Rotello, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Biomedical and Materials Applications of Nanosystems

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