Safety Resource Center

Emergency Contact Information

National Emergency Phone Number:
Dial 911 from a campus phone to reach Homewood Emergency Communications.
Dial 911 from a mobile phone or off-campus landline to reach an emergency dispatcher.
Dial the above for any fire, medical, or security emergency.

Homewood Campus Emergency Communications:
x6-7777 from any campus phone.
(410) 516 – 7777 from a mobile phone.
Dial the above for any fire, medical, or security emergency.

Homewood Campus Facilities Emergencies:

x6-4600 from any campus phone.
(410) 516 – 4600 from a mobile phone.
Dial the above only when serious ongoing damage to property is occurring
(flood, structural damage, steam line break).


Safety Exam

Every undergraduate, visiting, and graduate student who wishes to work in a ChemBE research lab must pass the Safety Course 540.490, or alternatively a safety quiz consisting of 50 questions if joining a laboratory mid-semester. These 50 questions are chosen from a data base of 120 questions that were designed on the basis of material in the American Chemical Society pamphlet “Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories, Vol. 1.” This file can also be found here.

After reading the material, the students are encouraged to evaluate their knowledge by taking the quiz here:

When the student feels ready, they can come to ChemBE Main Office in Maryland Hall 221 to take the test. They are allowed to miss 5 questions maximum to pass the test.

Safety Course (540.490)

This course is meant to provide the student with a basic knowledge of laboratory safety; hazards, regulations, personal protective equipment, good laboratory practice, elementary toxicology, and engineering controls. It has been developed by the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering to assist with regulatory compliance, minimize hazards, and reduce the severity of any incidents that may occur in the department’s laboratories. The course is a prerequisite of EN.540.311/EN.540.313. It is required of all Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering undergraduates and graduate students. In addition once per year a three-hour refresher seminar must be taken by all students involved in laboratory research.


Incident Reports

In the event of a laboratory incident, employees (i.e anyone on the JHU Payroll) must submit a Johns Hopkins University Incident Report found here. Instructions for submission and reporting are included in the document.

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